NBA 2K24: Does NBA 2K24 have crossplay?

NBA 2K24 Cover Art

NBA 2K24 Cover Art

NBA 2K24 is one of the biggest sports games of 2024. The NBA 2K franchise has built a large fan base throughout the years, and with this year marking the 25th anniversary of the franchise, the expectations for this year's title were at an all-time high.

However, there is one major question that NBA 2K fans want to see answered. Does NBA 2K24 has crossplay? This is one of the most requested features by the 2K community. But it's also one that 2K has been putting off for quite some time.

So, let's find out if NBA 2K24 has crossplay.

NBA 2K24 crossplay

The short answer to this question is YES. For the joy of millions of fans, NBA 2K24 has crossplay.

NBA 2K24 introduced crossplay to the franchise, and players are finally able to face off against users from different platforms. This improves the users' gaming experience and also adds one very entertaining feature.

This feature allows players to battle against their friends in multiple game modes. They can compete in modes such as MyTEAM or MyPARK, using their unique squad or player to best their friends.

Furthermore, users can also play online in modes such as MyLEAGUE or MyGM. These modes let players create a unique league, and take control of one or more teams. So, as we can see, there are plenty of new options the crossplay feature provides to players.

However, crossplay isn't available on all platforms. Unfortunately, this exciting new feature is only available for PS5 and Xbox X|S users. So, if you have an old-gen console, or play on the PC, you won't have access to this great feature.

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