NBA 2K24: Season 3 shooting changes gather mixed reactions

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On the same day that Season 3 went live, NBA 2K24 released an update that implemented huge changes to shooting. These changes have made shooting much easier than before, which left the 2K community with mixed reactions.

Some players are glad to see that the shooting problems are finally fixed and that shooting is no longer inconsistent. However, others aren't quite happy about it, saying that shooting 70% from 3 every game isn't realistic.

So, let's take a look at what the actual changes are, and why the community opinion about them is so split.

Shooting has never been this easy

As mentioned above, the last NBA 2K24 update introduced some significant changes to the shooting feature.

Developers decided to "increase the shooting make window", for competitive multiplayer modes, while also reducing the "defensive impact on late closeouts". To balance it out, the "shooting make window on shoots that are heavily contested" was reduced.

These changes have made shooting in NBA 2K24 the easiest it has ever been, with players now shooting 7/9 or 70% from 3-point range. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as many players had complained that shooting felt inconsistent in NBA 2K24, and this solves that problem.

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With the way shooting is right now, you won't feel a huge discrepancy in your shot-making ability between games. If you go 7/9 from deep in one game, you should be able to do it again in the next, or at least shoot 6/9.

Previously, players would shoot 7/9 in a game, and in the next one couldn't even buy a bucket. This left a lot of players angry, especially because they were also missing too many wide-open shots, even with a good release.

This problem is now fixed, but some players have lifted other pertinent questions. Is shooting 70% from 3 realistic, and should every player be able to have insanely high shooting percentages?

Let's take a look at it.

Are unrealistic shooting percentages bad for NBA 2K24?

Many players think that insanely high shooting percentages are unrealistic, and therefore shouldn't be something common in NBA 2K24, as they are bad for the game.

A part of the community feels like, unless you are incredibly good at the game, you shouldn't be able to shoot 60% or 70% from 3, especially if your player has a 75 three-point shoot.

In a way, they are right since these percentages are ludicrous, and kill the idea of a realistic simulation game.

On the other hand, NBA 2K24 is a game, with attributes, badges, and other things that improve your player's abilities. Because of that, it doesn't seem right that you will miss four wide-open shots, with a great release, if you have a 90+ three-point shoot.

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2K needs to find a balance between being an entertaining game, while still being as realistic as possible. This is not something easy to do, but alternating between very high or extremely low shooting percentages will not make anyone happy.

I think it's fair that good players have very high shooting percentages, especially if they have maxed shooting attributes and badges in their builds. At the same time, if you have a Center with 75 three-point shooting, unless all your shots are wide-open, you should NOT be shooting anywhere near 60%.

You should be rewarded for being a great shooter, and penalized for being an awful one. Yes, this will leave a lot of people angry because they won't be able to make 30-foot fadeaway jumpers while heavily contested, but so be it.

As a famous Portuguese proverb says, you can't please Greeks and Trojans at the same time. So just do what is better for your game.

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