NBA 2K24: Everything about MyTEAM Easter Event

NBA 2K24 LeBron James

NBA 2K24 LeBron James

The NBA 2K24 MyTEAM Easter Event has just gone live, and as the name indicates, its goal is to celebrate the Easter holiday. It provides players a chance to earn a plethora of rewards, which can be used to upgrade their squad or finish their collections.

To earn these rewards, players will need to win plenty of games, complete agendas, and trade eggs, the game currency of this event, for better rewards.

So let's find out everything about the MyTEAM Easter Event

MyTEAM Easter Event

As mentioned above, the MyTEAM Easter Event is a way to celebrate the Easter holiday while also giving players a way to earn many rewards. However, there is more than one way to earn the MyTEAM Easter Event rewards.

Players need to win games to earn Easter packs, which contain eggs, that can then be exchanged for rewards such as Deluxe player packs, HOF badges, shoe packs, and even unique ball cards.

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The second way to earn the MyTEAM Easter Event rewards is by completing agendas. This will reward players with eggs they can trade for the rewards mentioned above, ascension picks, and a Galaxy Opal Ball drop for players that complete all the agendas.

This event will only be live until 31 March, at 11:59pm PT/ 6:59am GMT. So make sure to get to work if you want to claim all of these rewards.

A disappointing Easter Event

Despite the many rewards the MyTEAM Easter Event brings and the various ways you can earn them, the NBA 2K community is disappointed with it.

The Deluxe packs you earn are unsellable, and let's be honest, the chances you get a useless player are also quite high. But even if you get a good card, you can't sell them, which makes no sense.

Some of the agendas are also quite hard to complete, meaning it might take a while to finish this program. Furthermore, compared to the previous year's events, especially with the 2021 and 2022 events, this one is lacklustre.

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But hey, you can still earn a plethora of rewards, including a Galaxy Opal player. Will you get one of the worst Galaxy Opal cards in the game? Probably, but a free Galaxy Opal is always great.

So even if the MyTEAM Easter Event is not spectacular, it's certainly a step in the right direction considering all the MyTEAM content NBA 2K has released this year.

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