NBA 2K24: How to get into Brickley's Gym

NBA 2K24 Kevin Durant

NBA 2K24 Kevin Durant

Despite mixed reactions from fans and critics, NBA 2K24 still sold millions of copies. Most players who bought the new edition did it to experience the MyCAREER and The City modes.

There are many new locations in The City this year. All of them look great and most are quite easy to find. However, some places are still quite hard to find, and one of them is Brickley's Gym.

Brickley's Gym is a great place for players to work on their game and gain progress on their badges. This makes it one of the most important places in The City. So, let's find out how you can get into Brickley's Gym.

How to find Brickley's Gym

The City is 20% smaller than in the previous edition, which makes it much more easy to navigate. This makes it easier to find and access places on the map, and Brickley's Gym is no exception.

NBA 2K24 The City map
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Here is the exact location of Brickley's Gym.

Brickley's Gym is located behind the Gatorade training facility, and close to the city west train entrance, as you can see in the image above. You should access the map, zoom in on that location, and place a waypoint on top of it. This way, you will know how far you are from it, and the path you need to take to get there.

How to get into Brickley's Gym

Once you have arrived at Brickley's Gym, you just need to go to the front door and click X or A to enter. In a matter of seconds, you will be inside Brickley's Gym. Then, you just need to talk with Brickley to start the drills.

NBA 2K24 The City
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Just head for the front door and get in.

These drills are a great way to improve your badges and are also part of one of the many NBA 2K24 quests. By completing the quest, you will receive some great rewards. So, make sure you go into Brickley's Gym, go through the drills, improve your badges, and claim some great rewards.

We hope this guide made it easier to find Brickley's Gym For more guides and all the latest news about NBA 2K24, check out Realsport101.

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