NBA 2K23 dribble mechanics changing with new Skill Moves and Adrenaline Boosts

With new NBA 2K23 gameplay changes on the way, players are wondering what the dribble mechanics will look like.

Adrenaline Boosts are a focal point this year which is what we're going to go into below. Get ready for the end of dribble spam and the beginning of Skill Moves.

Here's what you can expect when NBA 2K23 debuts in September.

NBA 2K23 Gameplay Updates

The NBA 2K23 gameplay could look vastly different when the game finally releases. This includes defensive ability and new dunking controls.

What we're going to talk about today is the new dribble mechanics including Adrenaline Boosts and the combination of Skill Moves.

NBA 2K23 gameplay
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COMBINING MOVES: Get ready for a new feel when NBA 2K23 launches

To learn about some of the changes to dunking when NBA 2K23 launches, follow this link. If you haven't heard about the new shot meter options, you can head here to check them out.

The first thing we'll look at when it comes to dribbling is the Skill Moves.

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Dribbling Skill Moves in NBA 2K23

One of the most notable changes is Skill Moves in NBA 2K23. Ball handlers will now be going to enjoy ‘combo-ing up’ in NBA 2K23.

Although we haven't seen too many examples of this, we were able to see a small preview of Stephen Curry's signature dribbles.

A few of the controls include chaining your player’s normal signature size-ups by rocking the Pro Stick back and forth rhythmically. Rapid movement will activate one of the 28 new dribble combinations.

From the Courtside Report:

"Switchback gestures will now perform dedicated signature double cross and hesi (hesitation) cross combo moves."

Stamina will also run out quicker when spamming the same set of moves. This will essentially toss out dribble spam in NBA 2K23.

Adrenaline Boosts mechanic in NBA 2K23

Considering stamina is going to run out quickly when dribbling in NBA 2K23, the addition of the Adrenaline Boosts mechanics is interesting.

This new feature is expected to help to prevent over-dribbling. Only three boosts are available per player per possession. Pay attention to the three small bars in the video below:

These bars will be used up every time you perform a hard go or explosive sprint launch. Once they're used your speed and acceleration decrease significantly for the remainder of the possession.

The addition of Adrenaline Boosts in NBA 2K23 will force players to play smarter basketball instead of dribble spamming.

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