NBA 2K23: How to get every jump shot animation with your MyPLAYER build

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New NBA 2K23 jump shot animations were released today and we're going to take a look at the guide courtesy of Gameplay Director Mike Wang.

This will greatly impact the performance of your MyPLAYER in MyCAREER so be sure to pay attention to the guide below.

Ready to shoot like Stephen Curry? Let's go over the exact parameters.


NBA 2K23 Jump Shot Animation Guide

Considering there have been tons of changes to Jump Shot animations in NBA 2K23, we figured it'd be a good time to go over the guide.

Mike Wang released a tweet showcasing which things players will need to pay attention to. You can also use the Test Build feature to check out which of the Jump Shot animations will fit your build.

NBA 2K23
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NEW ANIMATIONS: Be sure to test your build before finalizing anything

At the moment there are only 30 jump shot animations in NBA 2K23 and more could be added in the future.

Here is the list of the animations and which build they can be used with:

Name Allowed Size Rating Requirement Release Height Release Speed Timing Impact Defensive Immunity
Stephen CurrySmalls Only96 OVRBCA+A
Kyrie IrvingSmalls Only96 OVRCC-A+A+
Steve NashSmalls Only94 OVRC+DA+A+
Larry BirdBigs and Swings93 OVRCDA+A+
Trae YoungSmalls Only92 OVRDA-A+A-
Chris MullinSwings Only91 OVRC+B-A+A
Klay ThompsonSwings Only91 OVRC-B-A+A
Ray AllenSwings Only91 OVRB-C-AA+
Kevin DurantBigs and Swings91 OVRBD-AA+
CJ McCollumSmalls Only90 OVRC+BA-B-
Kemba WalkerSmalls Only90 OVRBC-AB
Devin BookerSwings and Smalls90 OVRC-C+AA-
Chris PaulSmalls Only90 OVRBC-A-A-
Michael JordanSwings Only90 OVRBDA+A
James Harden Swings and Smalls88 OVRC-BA-B
Tracy McGradySwings Only88 OVRA-D+B+A
Kobe BryantSwings Only 87 OVRB+B-BA-
Dirk NowitzkiBigs Only87 OVRCC-A+A
Vince CarterSwings Only86 OVRCCA+B+
Kawhi LeonardSwings Only85 OVRCB-AB
Khris MiddletonSwings Only84 OVRBC+BB+
Kevin LoveBigs and Swings84 OVRDC+A+A-
Al HorfordBigs and Swings83 OVRD+A+B+B+
Nikola JokicBigs Only80 OVRCC+A-B
Chris WebberBigs and Swings79 OVRC-B-B+B-
Julius RandleBigs and Swings79 OVRC-B-A-C+
LaMarcus AldridgeBigs Only78 OVRC-BAB-
Chris BoshBigs Only77 OVRC+B+A-B-
Markieff MorrisBigs and Swings77 OVRC+B-B-B-

Now that you've had the chance to check out the new jump shot animations, let's talk about some other gameplay changes.

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Offensive Gameplay updates

With gameplay updates coming to NBA 2K23 one of the most notable changes came to builds and your MyPLAYER.

The development team stated that the major goals for the Player Builder were refinement, polish, and balance. The idea is to ensure each build is fun, balanced, and fully customizable.

NBA 2K23
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Another huge addition to the build system is that animation purchases will now be account-bound rather than specific to one save file.

Now, your NBA 2K23 jump shot animations will transfer between each build in MyCAREER, provided that the allowed size and animation match.

Current gen users are also no longer bound to the pie chart system, allowing better ways for players to customize their MyCAREER player.