NBA 2K23 The City: MyCAREER Predictions, New Map, Season Events, Affiliations & MyPLAYER Builds

NBA 2K23 The City continues to switch it up, adding new events for players in Season 1 that want to take advantage of The Theater.

Four new events have been added and we have the specifics for you below, including the 2V2 Squads Only game mode.

Let's get you ready to take over the town with your friends.

UPDATE - Four new events at The Theater

It seems as if 2K is staying dedicated to providing players with new ways to play and have fun in NBA 2K23 The City.

The most recent update saw all of the events in The Theater be updated with four new ways to play, including the 2V2 Alley-Oop Event.

NBA 2K23 The City
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DOUBLE ALLEYS: Take your squad and earn extra points for alley-oops

If you don't have a squad to compete with, you can compete in the State Farm Bonus Assists Event where assists will get you an additional point.

Here are the events and the rules for this week:

  • State Farm Bonus Assists
    • 3v3 Park style game to 21
    • Assisted baskets earn an additional point for each team
  • 4V4
    • 4V4 Park style game to 21
  • Double Alleys (Squads Only)
    • 2V2 Park style game to 21
    • Four points for every completed alley-oop
  • 2V2 (No Squads)
    • 2V2 Park style game to 21
    • Scoring player receives possession of the ball

To learn more about these new events, follow this link and check out the new stuff for Season 1 Week 2 in NBA 2K23 The City.

NBA 2K23 The City Latest News

The City in NBA 2K23 is always a pretty big deal, especially for next gen players. This is the area where most spend most of their time outside of MyTEAM.

This time NBA 2K23 The City will also be a focal point for MyCAREER where you'll find plenty of quests to help you reach Level 40 during each Season.

NBA 2K23 The City
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NEW BUILDS: Could we see some updated MyCAREER Builds?

2K has yet to reveal any specific details surrounding any new maps of what the MyCAREER story will be. However, there's a chance that we could be playing through a similar story as Michael Jordan, the focal point for the game.

Now, let's go over a few of our NBA 2K23 The City predictions.

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NBA 2K23 The City Predictions

As we mentioned above, there are likely going to be a ton of changes to NBA 2K23 The City this year.

We have a few ideas of things that we would like see slightly adjusted or changed completely. One of these things is a better fast travel function or something much faster than a skateboard to start with.

NBA 2K23 The City
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FAST TRAVEL: Will we finally get a transit system in The City?

As a whole, The City in NBA 2K22 was rather large, so we'd like to be able to fast travel a lot faster which is why it's on the top of our list.

Here are some NBA 2K23 The City predictions that we hope happen:

  • Better Fast Travel (Perhaps a subway system)
  • More MyCAREER Quests
  • Competitive Online Balancing
  • Fewer Bugs throughout The City courts
  • More interactions with NPC's
  • The return of City Slam but with online capability
  • Co-Op Quests
  • Build Balancing

Even if just a few of these things make it into The City this year, the game will be much better than it was in NBA 2K22.

Best Builds for NBA 2K23 (Based on 2K22)

One of the most looming questions surrounding NBA 2K23 The City is what the best builds in the game will be.

There have been a few talks surrounding gameplay this year and some have said that the Paint Beast build will be big again this year.

NBA 2K23 The City
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BUILD A BEAST: Get ready for tons of competition in NBA 2K23

The meta builds will be revealed once the game comes out and we have a chance to check out which builds work the best.

These are the NBA 2K23 The City Builds we think will work best:

  • Playmaking Shot Creator
  • Perimeter Lockdown
  • Sharpshooting Facilitator
  • Stretch Four
  • Paint Beast

Once NBA 2K23 is finally released we'll do these builds for you so you'll know exactly how to build them.

NBA 2K23 Release Date

The release date for NBA 2K23 is set for September 9, 2022, and there is no Early Access for the game.

Right off the jump, you'll get started in Season 1 of NBA 2K23 The City and hopefully, we'll have the rewards for you soon as well.

NBA 2K23 The City
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CONTENT SCHEDULE: Here's when you can expect more about NBA 2K23

The good news is we won't have to wait all the way until September to learn more about The City and MyCAREER.

Once August rolls around we'll learn mostly everything there is to know about the game including NBA 2K23 next gen gameplay and The City.

Best NBA 2K23 Badges

We received huge news surrounding the Badges in NBA 2K23 and it will change the way that MyCAREER is played this year.

For starters, the game is switching to a tiered system. We go into more detail on that here but essentially it means that certain Badges cost less than others.

NBA 2K23 The City
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BADGE GUIDES: Check out our full breakdown on how Badges will work

Another important note is that several shooting Badges have been removed including Hook Specialist, Hot Zone Hunter, Lucky #7, Set Shooter, Sniper, and, Limitless Spot-Up.

To learn more about the new Badges you can use in NBA 2K23 The City, follow this link.

Beginner's Guide to The City

For new players, navigating NBA 2K23 The City could be pretty tough so we decided to get a beginner's guide going for you.

Our guide includes locations, Affiliations, and some of the new quests that were added. Check out the map below for reference.

NBA 2K23 The City
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THE CITY: There are several things to do in The City this year

Fast travel has also been introduced and NBA 2K23 The City is 30% smaller so getting around is super easy this year.

To learn more about The City and to read through our beginner's guide, follow this link and get acquainted with all of the new stuff.

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