NBA 2K23 Affiliations: Beasts of the Easts, South City Vipers, North Side Knights and Western Wildcats

We're only a few days away from the launch of the game and now we know the NBA 2K23 Affiliations but how does it look this year?

In a word, fantastic, the Affiliations have been completely redesigned with immersive themes and have new locations.

Let's check out the Affiliations and the new trailer.

NBA 2K23 Affiliations Revealed

Four NBA 2K23 Affiliations were revealed during the latest Courtside Report but this time there were tons of changes.

For starters, the Affiliations are now in Boroughs, these areas are at the corners of The City map and can be accessed with the fast travel function.

NBA 2K23 Affiliations
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THE CITY MAP: Use fast travel to quickly get around The City in NBA 2K23

The NBA 2K23 Affiliations are also ramped up with specific entrances all themed to the Affiliation, here are the four Affiliations available:

  • South City Vipers
  • North Side Knights
  • Western Wildcats
  • Beasts of the East

We're going to take a look at each of these Affiliations below along with whether or not you'll be able to change your allegiances.

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South City Vipers

The South City Vipers features a giant temple flanked by two towering Viper statues, both with water streaming out of their mouths and crashing into the pools below:

NBA 2K23 Affiliations
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VIPERS: Head into the jungle and become a Viper in NBA 2K23

There will be huts where you can purchase MyPLAYER gear that is specific to your NBA 2K23 Affiliations so keep that in mind.

North Side Knights

Perhaps one of the most impressive NBA 2K23 Affiliations is the North Side Knights location featuring a grand castle and tons of courts.

NBA 2K23 Affiliations
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A NEW WORLD: NBA 2K23 is dedicated to providing an immersive experience

Even the baskets and backboards have been themed out and when the sun sets (at 6 PM in-game time), a glow will be cast over the castle.

It's said that this particular location really showcases the effort NBA 2K23 has put into the game.

Western Wildcats

Per the Courtside Report the Western Wildcats area is: "Set inside a scenic canyon vista, you will instantly get vibes of being in a semi-desert landscape under the blazing hot sun."

You can see from the images below just how secluded the canyon is from The City, giving a unique perspective to the NBA 2K23 Affiliations.

NBA 2K23 Affiliations
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SEVERAL COURTS: Jump from court to court with the new Wildcats Borough

Of the NBA 2K23 Affiliations, this one offers some fantastic views of The City. If you go to the highest plateau, you can see the Pink Diamond Plaza.

Beasts of the East

Set inside the caldera of a once dormant volcano, the Beasts of the East is likely going to be one of the most popular NBA 2K23 Affiliations.

You'll cut through the center of the volcano to get inside and be immersed in the fiery courts of the Affiliation.

NBA 2K23 Affiliations
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BEASTS OF THE EAST: Get ready for some fiery NBA 2K23 action

Molten lava-dotted walls, cracks, and fissures are just a few of the details at the Beast of the East location. Even the rims have hints of lava flowing through them.

NBA 2K23 The City Trailer

Now that we've gone over the various NBA 2K23 Affiliations, let's take a look at the official The City trailer.

One of the first things that we noticed in the trailer was the addition of fast travel stations. It's said that this will offer instantaneous travel.

There are several changes that we went through in our breakdown of The City which includes information about the NBA 2K23 Affiliations.

To learn more about that and to check out The Block, follow this link.

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