NBA 2K23 The City Map: Locations, Affiliation Boroughs, The Block and more

Finding your way around the town could be tough without an NBA 2K23 The City map but that's what we're going to provide you with today.

The City has finally been revealed, giving you a chance to look at all of the new locations and Affiliation Boroughs.

Let's get acclimated to the new map and the new locations.

NBA 2K23 The City Map (Revealed)

We're on our way to the launch of the game but first, we're going to take a look at the NBA 2K23 The City map and the new locations.

Affiliations have made their way back into the game but they now belong to Boroughs that look like completely separate locations from The City.

NBA 2K23 The City Map
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NEW MAP: The City received a massive upgrade for NBA 2K23

A fast travel station has also been introduced, connecting you throughout the NBA 2K23 The City map and should prevent some of the problems from last year.

Let's take a look at a few of the locations listed above:

  • Knights Station
  • Beasts Station
  • Viper Station
  • Wildcats Station
  • The Block
  • North Station
  • Arena / One City Plaza
  • Event Center
  • West Mall Station
  • East Mall Station

It looks like you'll have to actually take a train to get to your Affiliation Borough, further splitting up the NBA 2K23 The City map.

Let's take a look at the Affiliation Boroughs.

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Affiliation Boroughs (First Look)

One of the first choices that you'll make when hitting The City is deciding which Affiliation Borough that you want to be a part of.

This time, you'll be able to choose from four different Affiliations, all of which can be found throughout the NBA 2K23 The City map.

NBA 2K23 The City
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SOUTH CITY VIPERS: The City is offering a brand new experience in NBA 2K23

From the trailer you can see that there are almost secret entrances that you'll use to get into your Affiliation Borough, you can access these entrances by navigating the NBA 2K23 The City Map.

Here are the four Affiliations available:

  • South City Vipers
  • North Side Knights
  • Western Wildcats
  • Beasts of the East

We're expecting players to have the ability to change their Affiliations but we won't know until it's confirmed when the game releases.

The City Trailer (September 7)

Although we were most fascinated with the NBA 2K23 The City map, there were several other details in the trailer below.

The Courtside Report stated that NBA 2K23’s City is approximately 30 percent smaller in comparison to what you traversed in NBA 2K22.

Check out the trailer below:

The thematic designs of Affiliation Boroughs and The Block, which is the center of The City and provides all the competitive online modes, are already fan favorites.

Here is what The Block will offer:

  • The Theater
  • Pro-Am (an all-new building featuring unique 3v3 and 5v5 experiences)
  • The REC (an all-new building exterior and interior)
  • Ante-Up
  • Club 2K
  • Black Lives Matter court (new design and now a 3v3 experience)
  • Kobe court (new design and now a 3v3 experience)

We'll continue to go through what was shown on the NBA 2K23 The City map to keep you up to date on everything.

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