NBA 2K23 City Details REVEALED: Smaller Layout, Affiliation Boroughs & more changes

NBA 2K23 will bring back The City once again in MyCAREER, and it won't be the same experience that players saw one year ago.

We've got details on layout changes, new Affiliation Boroughs, and more coming to The City for your NBA 2K23 MyCAREER experience.

NBA 2K23: The City gets streamlined with smaller MyCAREER layout

We're just days away from the launch of NBA 2K23, and new details continue to be revealed about the game's various game modes and features.

The City, home to MyCAREER on next gen platforms PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, is getting some major adjustments in NBA 2K23 according to the latest Courtside Report.

Right out of the gate, 2K explained that complaints of extended travel times in NBA 2K22 were taken into account and The City is "approximately 30 percent smaller" in NBA 2K23.

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Much of the experience appears to have been simplified and refined with far fewer unused buildings and a tighter area.

They've also scattered Subway Stations across The City for instantaneous fast travel without any loading times.

Affiliation Boroughs

While having Affiliations in The City isn't anything new, they've completely reworked that experience this year with Affiliation Boroughs.

Rather than keeping these faction locations integrated with The City in appearance, they've been made into their own separate thematic locations.

You can see each of the new locations below:

NBA 2K23 The City Affiliation Borough South City Vipers
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SOUTH CITY VIPERS: This is just one of the four Affiliations you can choose from
NBA 2K23 The City Affiliation Borough North Side Knights
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NORTH SIDE KNIGHTS: This is just one of the four Affiliations you can choose from
NBA 2K23 The City Affiliation Borough Western Wildcats
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WESTERN WILDCATS: This is just one of the four Affiliations you can choose from
NBA 2K23 The City Affiliation Borough Beast of the East
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BEASTS OF THE EAST: This is just one of the four Affiliations you can choose from

Players will once again get to choose which of these four Affiliations they want to represent, and that will work as a faction home base for you in The City.

The Block, The Theater & The Arena

As for the main areas of The City where you'll be spending most of your time, there have also been a flurry of changes.

Starting off with The Block, this new hub will house all of the following locations:

  • The Theater (all-new for NBA 2K23, details below)
  • Pro-Am (an all-new building featuring unique 3v3 and 5v5 experiences)
  • The REC (an all-new building exterior and interior)
  • Ante-Up
  • Club 2K
  • Black Lives Matter court (new design and now a 3v3 experience)
  • Kobe court (new design and now a 3v3 experience)

Among these, The Theater is an all-new game mode within MyCAREER where players can play instant matchmaking games in one of four events which all refresh each Friday.

The Arena is also a new area in The City which is where your MyPLAYER will play NBA games to progress in MyCAREER.

NBA 2K23 The Arena The City
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THE ARENA: Get ready to compete on the NBA level

There's a large plaza area for the building where you could see people in The City wearing your own player's jersey.

The Arena also houses quest locations and activities like the fashion walk in front of awaiting media.

Dreamville, Event Center, and Jordan Challenge Building

Elsewhere in The City you'll find the new Dreamville Studio where you can eventually earn the opportunity to meet J. Cole himself.

The Event Center returns with a new design, and it'll become more elaborate as Events in MyCAREER are ready to arrive.

Finally, the Jordan Challenge Building will tower over The Block with its own cutting edge design as you start taking on the challenges.

As you work through those 15 challenges, you'll unlocked some exclusive MyPLAYER items to wear in The City.

Becoming A Legend & Seasons

Lastly, two key aspects of MyCAREER will return as players will once again strive to earn Legend status in The City.

Rather than tying it just to reaching Level 40 in different seasons, this year's Legend status will be earned through several different challenging objectives.

Seasons will return as a format for NBA 2K23 and refresh every 6 weeks with new rewards and challenges.

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