How to fix NBA 2K23 Error Code 6f8ce31b in MyCAREER

NBA 2K23 MyCAREER has been great this year until bugs pop up, and many are dealing with error code 6f8ce31b already.

Here's everything we know so far about NBA 2K23 Error Code 6f8ce31b and some solutions that may clear things up for your MyCAREER save.

Another year means another set of issues, and NBA 2K23 is already dealing with the dreaded error code 6f8ce31b in MyCAREER.

Last year the issue seemed to pop up on both current gen and next gen intermittently throughout the year, but a permanent fix was never sorted by 2K.

Unfortunately, the same may be the case this time, but so far it seems NBA 2K23 Error Code 6f8ce31b has mostly impacted The City.

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NBA 2K23 Error Code 6f8ce31b how to fix solution solved
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ERROR COLE: Many players have hit this error during It's a Cole World

According to multiple posts on Reddit, several users are facing it when working through the It's a Cole World quest featuring J. Cole, but it's appearing at different places throughout the quest and some suggested it could be linked to using a Rebirth build.

Other players have reported facing error code 6f8ce31b intermittently since launch despite a reliable wired connection, so your internet is likely not the culprit.

The issue appeared at times in NBA 2K22 as well with MyCAREER having issues on both current gen and next gen thanks to error code 6f8ce31b.

How to fix NBA 2K23 Error Code 6f8ce31b

There's good and bad news when it comes to fixing NBA 2K23 Error Code 6f8ce31b, as not every potential fix has worked for every player.

The exact cause of this error is still unknown, but there are a handful of potential workarounds that have worked for some players.

One thing that's worked in the past is to simply not play NBA 2K23 for a few days, as for some reason the delay seems to allow whatever the issue is to catch up with itself and resolve.

In the past, playing a quick pickup game in The Neighborhood did help some, but that won't really be an option in The City.

The most drastic course of action some players may have to try is a complete game reinstall, but this can be a lengthy process.

To take that step, you'll want to ensure your save data is backed up to the cloud before deleting data saved on that platform and the game itself.

Once everything is cleared up, download the game again, download your uploaded data, and load things back up with your fingers crossed that it actually worked.

Unfortunately, it's no guarantee as players have already reported doing a full reinstall on NBA 2K23 and failing to get rid of error code 6f8ce31b, but for players who don't want to wait it is an option.

There's also hope that the error could be resolved with the next NBA 2K23 update, as Version 1.005 has just arrived.

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