NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat: Current Gen users won't be returning to the Cancha Del Mar

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It's been revealed that current gen players won't be coming back to the Cancha Del Mar. Instead, they'll be on the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat.

As we near the launch, we'll learn more about the game mode and what it will look like. We also have the content schedule for you below.

Let's get you up to speed on everything coming to the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat.

NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat Reveal

The NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat will be officially revealed on September 2, just a few days away. At the moment, we're waiting for our first reveals.

We do know, however, that current gen users will disembark the Cancha Del Mar for the GOAT Boat. The question is, how large will this boat be?

NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat
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SAY GOODBYE: The Cancha Del Mar had a short shelf life

Another question we have is whether or not this will be just a reskin of Cancha Del Mar or a brand new type of platform. Whichever it is, the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat is a welcome addition for current gen users.

Let's take a look at the rest of the content schedule for this week.

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Content Schedule leading to launch

There are several reveals scheduled for the week leading up to the launch of the game, including the NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat reveal.

The City will likely receive a new look as well, it could be expanded to fit more players or be similar to last year's edition.

NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat
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CONTENT SCHEDULE: Check out what's on the way to NBA 2K23

The August 31st video is expected to be just a special guest announcer video, this should give us a look at the PA announcers as well.

Let's take a look at all of the events on the way.:

  • August 31 - Special Guest
  • September 1 - MyCAREER + 2K Beats
  • September 2 - G.O.A.T Boat (Current Gen)
  • September 3 - Apparel Brands + In-Arena Performance
  • September 4 - MOCAP (Behind The Scenes)
  • September 5 - Jordan Challenge (Gameplay Content)
  • September 6 - Player Ratings + Gameplay Content
  • September 7 - The City
  • September 8 - NBA 2K23 Season 1
  • September 9 - #2KDay23 Launch Date

To check out more on the content schedule for the game and the upcoming NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat reveal, follow this link.

Release Date for NBA 2K23

You can see from the content schedule above that the release date for NBA 2K23 is September 9, 2022.

If you have yet to pre order the game, you still have a bit of time before the launch of the game and you'll want all the rewards you can get.

NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat
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COMING SOON: Get ready to hit Triple Threat when the game launches

There was a huge MyTEAM reveal showing off all of the changes to the popular game mode including Triple Threat Online Co-Op.

For more on MyNBA and the other new features, head here.

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