NBA 2K22 Patch Notes: Update Version 1.03 live on PS4 & PC, Download Size

NBA 2K22 has faced a handful of issues since launches, but some of those bugs should now be fixed as update Version 1.03 hits current gen platforms.

With the update now live on PC and PS4, here's everything we know about NBA 2K22 update Version 1.03 and the patch notes for what's been fixed.

NBA 2K22 Patch Notes: Update Version 1.03 live on PC and PS4

NBA 2K22 faced some bugs and issues upon launch, which is somewhat to be expected for a game of this size, but relief is on the way for many players.

2K has revealed that the latest patch update (Version 1.03) is now live on PS4 and PC, bringing stability and bug fixes to players on both platforms.

NBA 2K22 update version 1.03 patch notes
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GAMEPLAY UNCHANGED: This update only looks to fix bugs rather than alter gameplay in any way

While we don't have full Patch Notes yet from 2K on this update, we do know that the stability fixes and bugs being remedied must be significant.

They also clarified in the tweet revealing the update that gameplay was unchanged this time, and there were no tweaks or balance changes made in that area.

The download size for NBA 2K22 Version 1.03 is 11.1 GB on PC and a full 15.412 GB for the update to download on PS4.

MyCAREER and Cancha Del Mar Cruise Ship

Arguably the parts of NBA 2K22 on current gen which need the most work are MyCAREER and the Cancha Del Mar cruise ship experience.

It's not fully clear how many of the issues with these two game modes are actually bugs or how many of them may just be poor design, but adding stability to them was likely a priority with this update.

While next gen players seem to be having a blast in The City, the experience hasn't necessarily been the same on current gen, with some reporting MyCAREER seems to glitch past decisions rather than letting you make a choice.

We can't know for sure what's been remedied until patch notes are released, but NBA 2K22 players on PC and PS4 are sure to be hoping for more in these game modes with NBA 2K22 Update Version 1.03.

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