NBA 2K22: The City & MyCAREER reveal takes the spotlight ahead of launch

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NBA 2K22 is almost here, and the spotlight has turned to The City and MyCAREER!

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You can watch the latest trailer here and see for yourself what NBA 2K22's The City is going to be like!

Latest - The City trailer has arrived!

It's finally here! Just days before NBA 2K22 is released, we get to see what The City is going to look like on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S!


There are some great moments highlighting all the various parts of the City, but we're not sold on the nickname your character is given...

NBA 2K22: The City & MyCAREER reveal and trailer on the way

Despite the fact that the September 10 release date for NBA 2K22 is looming now less than one week away, there's still plenty unknown about the title.

Perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle missing are two newly interconnected game modes: The City and MyCAREER.

NBA 2K22 the city
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WELCOME TO THE CITY: It'll be a new year for the highly anticipated game mode

While the unfortunate third wheel of NBA 2K22 here will be Neighborhood, which is getting a cruise ship and leaves current gen players without MyCAREER integration.

Players on current gen will get the traditional more cinematic MyCAREER experience, but The City is breaking new ground by combining the single player mode with the online hit RPG-style game mode.

When we first learned those details about The City and MyCAREER back during the July reveal of NBA 2K22, the reveal of more for these was expected "in early September."


That continues to ring true, as NBA 2K22 has already advertised that The City and MyCAREER will be featured during the week of September 6, 2021.


Reveal Date & Time for The City and MyCAREER

They've already done a handful of other reveals, and for the most part have stuck to a Tuesday/Thursday approach with two big reveals each week on the road to launch.

Seasons and WNBA got that treatment the week of August 23, but Gameplay dropped early on Monday during the week of August 30.

At least, the Gameplay Trailer dropped, though the detailed Gridiron Notes reveal still came on Tuesday, and there's no shortage of speculation that the Gameplay Trailer only arrived early because a low quality version of it had been leaked.


MyTEAM got their reveal on Thursday, September 2, re-establishing their planned release frequency and now setting the stage for a The City & MyCAREER spotlight on September 7, 2021.

While we aren't guaranteed to get a trailer, it's likely that 2K Sports will be eager to show off visual improvements to The City in the game mode's second year (and first full development cycle) with just days left to pre order.

Likewise, we're hopeful that Neighborhood gets at least some visual nod in the trailer or in photos that get shared, as current gen players should get an idea of what this fabled cruise ship will look like.