NBA 2K22: The City trailer channels GTA and terrible nicknames

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NBA 2K22 is ready to blast into a new year with The City on next gen, and we've finally gotten a look at what's coming.

You can watch the trailer here and see exactly what The City will feel like when NBA 2K22 arrives.

NBA 2K22 drops The City trailer with plenty of GTA vibes

NBA 2K22 is just a few days away from this year's release date, and we've still got more to find out!

The City, a next gen exclusive open world online RPG similar to GTA V or GTA Online, has officially been given a closer look ahead of launch.


There are some great moments, even if we're cringing every time they use the terrible "MP" nickname for your MyPLAYER character.

NBA 2K22 The City GTA
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GRAND THEFT BASKETBALL: These moments give us MAJOR classic GTA vibes

You can see the GTA vibe above, and that was just a small part of what we saw.

Whether it was confirmed transportation options like a new bicycle or a glimpse at the new quest system, there were tons of little details teased in this trailer.


The City map revealed for NBA 2K22

Perhaps one of the most exciting pieces is the first glimpse we saw of The City's map in NBA 2K22.

While not extremely detailed, we can now get an idea of how the layout will feel in The City.

NBA 2K22 The City map
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FIRST LOOK: You can get an early glimpse at the map now

You can also see the brand new quest system on display on the left-hand side of the image, including a "Mamba Mentality" quest as well as three others.

We're not certain yet, but Mamba Mentality looks like a main quest, while the other three look like side quests.

There's a tons of other little tidbits revealed in this trailer, but we likely won't know for sure what they all mean until the full game is released.