NBA 2K21 MyTEAM: Unlimited 2.0 - What can we expect from the updated mode? - Rewards, Seasons, Upgrades & more

It's safe to say that MyTEAM on NBA 2K21 is going to be on a different level to anything we have seen before.

There is the introduction of a variety of new modes such as Limited, Seasons and The Exchange, whilst some old-school favourites are set for a big revamp.

Unlimited 2.0

The clue is in the title. The classic Unlimited mode has undergone a big postseason upgrade in order to come back bigger and better than ever in 2K21.

With new modes such as Limited to compete with, there has been questions as to how 2K would approach this mode, but given their latest set of notes, they don't appear to let go of this one anytime soon.

Here is everything we know about the new Unlimited 2.0 mode.

Revamped Format

There has never been any real league structure within MyTEAM, but that changes in NBA 2K21.

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You will have to work your way through nine leagues in order to reach the top of the Unlimited rankings. Each league comes with a specific number of wins that you will need to register in order to gain promotion.

The higher up the divisions you go, the more wins you will need in order to gain promotion. For instance, in division nine you will need just three wins from twelve.

Grafting will be worth the reward

Sounds tough right? Well it will be. But if you work your way to the top you will reap the rewards.

MyTEAM Unlimited Rewards 1
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COLLECTION REWARD! The rewards will be bigger and better in MT 2.0

The top division - also known as the Galaxy Opal tier - will come with some seriously good rewards (the clue is in the title really) but you will need to perform perfectly in order to unlock them.

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To 'complete' the top division you will need to go 12-0. Now the level of competition in that division will be very tough, so don't expect to walk your way to a free Galaxy Opal!

Seasonal Agenda

As we've already alluded to, Unlimited 2.0 isn't the only 'new' feature coming to MyTEAM this year.

One of the other new features - Seasons - is set to give players more incentive to spend time player MyTEAM, and it ties in perfectly to the new Unlimited format.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Seasons
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SEASONS! Grafting will help you work your way towards the likes of PD Curry!

Each Season - which will last for around 12 weeks - each players Unlimited record will be reset and there will be a new Grand Prize introduced.

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This is sure to be music to the ears of those competitive MyTEAM players, who will have plenty of top tier content to grind for throughout the course of the MT year.

More choice than ever before

When you combine Unlimited 2.0 and the all new Limited mode you have more choice with how to spend your time than ever before.

Unlimited will be available all year round, whilst there is a clue in the title with Limited - it will run from Friday - Sunday each week.

NBA 2K21 MyTEAM The Exchange 1
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THE EXCHANGE! The Exchange is another new feature coming to MyTEAM this year

Taking both on face value, Limited seems to be geared more towards those who like to experiment and play around with different squads whilst Unlimited 2.0 looks like the new go-to for those who want to prove that they are the very best.

No matter your preference, 2K21 looks set to be the most diverse 2K title yet.

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