NBA 2K21 MyTEAM: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Seasons feature

The NBA 2K21 content keeps coming thick and fast!

Avid 2K players can get stuck into the demo when it drops later today, whilst Eric Boenisch dropped a whole load of news about MyTEAM on Friday.

The introduction of seasons is one which is sure to please a lot of NBA 2K fans. Here is everything you need to know about the new feature.

Latest news - NBA 2K21 demo released

The demo has arrived!

PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch players can now install and play the demo.

It's 31.5GB so make sure you clear some space!

2K keeps rewarding players

As far as sporting games go, 2K is one of the more generous when it comes to handing out rewards to their players.

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Locker Codes have been in the game for as long as we can remember, allowing players to unlock a whole host of rewards without having to spend a penny.

Rick Fox Locker Code 1
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FREEBIES! Locker Codes return in 2K21

The rewards system improves even more in NBA 2K21 as the team at 2K Sports introduce their new 'Seasons & Seasonal Content' structure.

What is Seasons?

In essence, Seasons is a new reward scheme that will reward players who spend their time playing MyTEAM in any capacity.

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In a similar fashion to the Seasons structure introduced by EA into FIFA 20, there will be a number of 'Seasons' throughout the 2K year, with players given tasks to complete in each season in order to earn XP.

NBA 2K21 MyTeam Seasons
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PD STEPH! The first level 40 reward has been confirmed, and it isn't half bad!

Earning XP will help players to work through the various levels during each Season, the more XP you earn, the better your rewards!

Old Favourites Return

Seasons is a brand new feature, but it will still implement the best bits of 2K in years past.

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For fans of Triple Threat there is the return of the Vault and the ability to open that with each offline win. Seasons offers new 'Cumulative Win' prizes that will coincide with the Vault.

2k ball drop
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GAMBLING? It cause some controversy, but it returns!

The ever-controversial 'Ball Drop' also returns. However, it has been rejuvenated in order to ensure that you know what rewards you are playing for prior to entering each tier of the boards.

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There has also been an update to the rewards structure in MyTEAM Unlimited 2.0. 2K have kept quiet on what exactly this entails, but it's sure to be something good!

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