NBA 2K21: Harper Dell or Archie Baldwin? Agents, MyCAREER, Brands, Commissions, Pros, Cons & more

In order to get your NBA career off on the right foot, you need to pick the right agent!

Picking between Archie Baldwin and Harper Dell will impact your VC rewards, building fans, and even the brands you can earn endorsements with.

So, which one should you pick? Let's explore the options.

Archie Baldwin vs Harper Dell

Junior has the change to sign with two different agents as he is about to turn pro.

Each one comes with advantages and disadvantages.

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DECISIONS: It's a close call between the two agents

Archie Baldwin

Baldwin carries a low commission, so if you are after a lot of VC then he is a great choice. He's also great at marketing Playground players, so if that's where you want to spend your time then he's a wise choice.

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Sticking with Archie will help you build teammate chemistry wherever you go, and of course, he's been with you from the start which means you can build on an already solid relationship.

If you go with Archie you will require fewer fans to unlock Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Under Armour, Beats, and Gatorade.

Harper Dell

A big established agency knows the system and where the perks and advantages lie.

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EYES ON THE PRIZE: If you are set on being an NBA star then Harper Dell is for you

Of course, a big agency also comes with a high commission, so you'll get less VC per deal but can gain endorsements quicker.

They are great at marketing NBA stars, allowing you to gain more fans in the league.

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Going with Harper Dell will lower the impact of any negative teammate chemistry events in the NBA.

They will also let you unlock the following brands with fewer fans: Air Jordan, Nike, Mobil, Kia, Tissot, and Converse.

Park vs NBA

The biggest factor here is if your are a Park player, or want to do MyCAREER through the NBA thread.

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PARK LIFE: If you want to dominate here, then there is one agent for you

Archie is the right choice if you want to spend your time in the Park, as you will earn fans quicker and keep a lot of your VC.

Harper makes more sense if you want to focus on the NBA though.

Specific brands

Some of us have a favourite brand, and if you do then picking the agent that can help you sign with them is the right choice.

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Want to rep Air Jordan? Then go with Harper, but if you're more into Under Armour then Archie is a clear choice.

VC farming

Over the years, endorsements have been key to any loopholes, glitches, or exploits that exist for grinding VC.

The game is still very early in its cycle so the best methods for quickly farming VC are yet to be discovered, but this is something to bear in mind moving forward.

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