PUBG Mobile Update 1.17.0: 5 best features - death replay, hardcore mode & more

The brand new PUBG Mobile update is live around the world and we have had some time to play!

With the Season 12 Royale Pass going live on 9 March there is a crucial window to get to grip with the changes.

Which new features are key to this update? And which ones will enhance your experience in PUBG Mobile?

Keep reading to find out!

Death Replay

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SQUAD UP: Get in and drive!

Finally! Now you'll know where that final shot came from and just how clearly your head was poking out above your cover.

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The kill cam is a great addition as you can learn and improve your game as well as double-check for hackers & cheats.

Brothers In Arms System

Players can register as rookie or a veteran and play together in the heat of classic mode.

Veterans with their hours of game experience can guide rookies in the game and receive great rewards, while the rookies can learn from the vets and master the game much faster.

This will only help foster a strong community.

Universal Marks

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GEAR UP: Mark key points for teammates

PUBG is all about teamwork. Now players can now mark locations, vehicles, supplies, crates, and doors for their team.

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This allows for quick communication and aids coordination, making the gameplay much better.

Teammate Volume Control

Speaking of quick & clear communication. PUBG Mobile players can now adjust the mic volume of each individual teammate.

This is a crucial feature as there are times when a teammate is louder than the others or when you are playing in random squads and need to organise.

Hardcore Mode

PUBG Mobile Season 12
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SHHHHH: One mistake could be your last

Bought back after a slew of user requests, this is a special mode that tests your skills.

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Update 1.17.0 includes this mode were all sound prompts are removed. Manual actions are required for things like picking up items and opening doors. It provides a more realistic experience and competitive challenge.

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