PUBG Mobile Bots: How to spot & exploit AI enemies

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There are mobile games, and then there is PUBG Mobile.

As it approaches its second anniversary, the global success of the battle royale game is unparalleled and Season 12 should be the best yet.

That doesn't mean it is easy to pick up wins though. With 100 players per game, it is tough to outlast everyone. However, not every player is what they seem, making some easier to pick off and exploit.

That's because they might be bots.

PUBG Mobile bots

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BEEP BEEP: You won't spot many bots in a jeep

While the PC game doesn't contain any bots, the mobile game does. This is so that players aren't waiting too long for a game to start, and to keep the action up while retaining that PUBG feel we all know.

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With 100 people on the map to start a game, you are usually assured some action pretty quickly, but take care when engaging as you may be against a bot, and can use it to help your overall strategy.

How to spot a bot

AI enemies in PUBG Mobile don't carry big banners saying "I'm a bot", but they can be pretty easy to suss out.

Bot movements are always predictable and calm. They don't cross open areas in a zig-zag or duck from cover to cover.

They also rarely enter buildings, instead waiting and circling outside a building where a player is rather than searching for loot.

How to exploit a bot

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LOOKALIKE: Bots will look the same, but not play the same

You can always pick off a bot when you spot one and up your kill numbers, but sometimes it can be worth waiting and trying to use them to distract or engage other real players.

For example, when a bot is circling a building, rather than killing it and alerting others to your presence you can use it to surprise a real player when they exit. Then you can take down a real opponent and turn to finish off the bot.

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Looting an enemy can be dangerous, especially if you kill them in an open part of the map, but bots almost always have interesting and useful loot items on them. So when you do finish one off, it is worth the risk to go and pick up the extra scope or armour you need.

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