PUBG Mobile Season 12 Start Date Update 1.17.0: Royale Pass, Weapons, Vehicles, Cosmetics, Anniversary, Skins, Map, Royale Pass, Leaks, Trailer, Colour Blind mode & more!

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Season 11 is dead, long live Season 12!

The global phenomenon PUBG Mobile continues apace with its seasons, updates, and chaotic battle royales.

The new update 1.17.0 is live, and the Royale Pass for Season 12 kicks off on 9 March.

Keep reading for all the key info about PUBG Mobile Season 12.

Release date

PUBG Mobile Season 12 will release on 9 March 2020. Each Season lasts roughly two months, so we can expect Season 12 to go until May.

How to play

PUBG Mobile follows a wave of high-quality mobile games and has brought with it legions of fans from around the world.

The game is available on both Android and iOS, meaning that you'll just have to visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store to get started.

Did we mention it's free to download!

pubg mobile
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NO LONGER A TEST DRIVE: The mobile gaming experience just keeps getting better!

Environment Changes

One of the most iconic and oldest maps in PUBG will be getting some renovation work.

The Erangel Map will have some cosmetic changes, but we'll also see weapons and vehicle become available in different locations to before.

erangel map pubg mobile
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RENOVATIONS UNDERWAY: Cosmetic changes ahead, along with new locations for weapons & vehicles

Death Replay

Death Replay is PUBG's Killcam and until now, only PC players have been able to experience it.

Once again, we're seeing developers listen to fans, so in Season 12 - Mobile players will finally have access to Death Replay.

From the hilarious to the frustrating, we can all agree that when it comes to your in-game demise - knowing is half the battle!

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Extreme Cold Mode

A new mode is coming which adds another level of danger (and excitement) to the game.

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FROST BITE: The new extreme cold mode will have you battling both players AND the elements

Players will need to hunt animals to survive and potentially make fire and take shelter - all while being pursued by enemies.

Sounds chilling...

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New weapon

A New Double-Barrel Pump-Action Shotgun is rumoured to be on its way.

pubg mobile dbs shotgun
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DOUBLE DOWN: Gain a notable advantage with this beast!

Typically amazing at close quarters (but somewhat lousy at long distance), these weapons are great for players looking to get up close and personal.

Rumours of grenade skins and an Uzi with attachable scopes are also circulating - we can't wait!

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Royale Pass Details

Some items were leaked from the Royale Pass recently.

After obtaining the pass, players will immediately receive a skin for the QBZ assault rifle.

pubg mobile season 12 royale pass
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THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Players will be treated to a host of special skins

A robotic skin and with a neon lit number '12' will be featuring, linking in with the 'anniversary special' theme.

Colour blind mode

We love seeing developers making games accessible to all, and with a new colour-blind mode there will be more colour options for in-game indicators, such as Poison, Smoke, and Auxiliary Lines.


Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode returns for the ultimate realistic experience.

Hardcore Mode
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I DON'T WANT NOBODY: Hardcore mode respects players' wishes to have full control of their fate

In this mode, you'll essentially have no help from the system - which means say goodbye to automatic reloading, weapon pickups and door opennings.

Sounds like a small hindrance - but when you're being pinned down by heavy gunfire - every little helps (or hurts!).

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