MLB The Show 22: Roy Halladay may be the secret legend in Friday's Featured Program

MLB The Show 22 is gearing up for the next Featured Program in Diamond Dynasty, and on that road they've started dropping secret codes and riddles.

With some of the latest possible solutions in mind, and a few revealed cards, we've got details on the new Legend that could arrive in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 could finally add Roy Halladay to the Legends roster

With the second Featured Program known as Spring Cleanup almost over, there have been clues dropped about its impending replacement.

From launch, Sony San Diego had stated that the third Featured Program in Diamond Dynasty was due to have a "Hidden Legend" and wouldn't provide more details than that.

The actual name of the Featured Program has yet to be revealed, but secret clues and riddles in need of a cipher have begun arriving.

This began with a post on The Show's website which said the following:

Xjavsq’k Xwslmjwv Hjgyjse oadd xgumk gf s Dwywfv sfv zak eslwk.

Ksyouh ava ccxlg, oocyl hde ilkrhe, rqk xkie wos bue woop ik fyswtvv.

Bsf iaq tlro niv doebae lb eedkbdzo’w sglo

This notably arrived on May 14, which happens to the birthday of Roy Halladay, but the signs continued from there.

MLB THe Show 22 Roy Halladay featured program
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PHILLIES MATES: Both Howard and Halladay were together with the Phillies

Some players deciphered the first sentence with a as "Friday's Featured Program will focus on a Legend and his mates."

Another decoded the second as "Decode the clues, solve the riddle, and join the fun that it creates."

These came in response to a tweet they posted on May 15 which others solved as "Go to our site to begin your hunt. A legendary riddle you must confront."

There's still more to learn, and we should eventually get confirmation, but two other big clues came in other cards revealed to be in this program.

Veteran Ryan Howard and Breakout Carlos Delgado, both former teammates with Halladay during his career, were announced as part of the program's reward path.

We've already seen a significant response from fans eager to decode and solve the riddles posted ahead of the next Featured Program.

Those may not slow down when the program itself arrives, but we can count on some exciting rewards for this two-week long addition to Diamond Dynasty.

The two cards already revealed will hopefully be joined by a 90+ Diamond tier version of Roy Halladay, which would be his first appearance as a Legend in MLB The Show 22.

The next Featured Program is scheduled to begin on Friday, May 20, 2022 and will only last until Friday, June 3, 2022.

After that, we may get another lengthy Featured Program more like the first which hit Diamond Dynasty at launch.

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