MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete: Ohtani and Posey among top contenders

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Even with a release date still months away, the MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete is quickly becoming a conversation topic now that the MLB season has wrapped.

Here's everything we know so far about when the MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete could be revealed and some of the

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MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete Reveal Date

With the MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete still up in the air, all eyes look ahead to see when we might finally learn who they'll choose.


Last year, the announcement of MLB The Show 21 was also paired with the reveal of cover athlete Fernando Tatis Jr., and he ended up being integral to the game's advertising campaign ahead of launch.

The reveal for MLB The Show 21 took place on Monday, February 1, 2021, so we're expecting the MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete Reveal Date to be between Monday, January 31, 2022 and Monday, February 7, 2022.


While we can't guarantee they'll use the same timing this next year, it's likely we'll see something similar as they are expected to target another April window for the MLB The Show 22 release date.

MLB The Show 22 Cover Predictions: Top 3 Contenders

While there are plenty of options throughout the MLB, a few key favorites are already separating themselves from the pack now that the MLB season has concluded.

All three of these players, and more, are solid options for the MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete, but there is one who has begun to look like the clear favorite.

Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels

There may be no bigger star in baseball today than Shohei Ohtani, and it seems like he only manages to get better with every passing moment.

MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete Shohei Ohtani
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MAKING HISTORY: Ohtani is already creating a legendary career

There's no overstating that Ohtani performing at the level he has both on the mound and at the plate are truly historic, and that's so evident he was presented with the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award for becoming the MLB's first two-way All-Star.

Ohtani was also chosen as the 2021 Player of the Year, as picked by his fellow players, and he was also named the American League MVP in 2021.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Toronto Blue Jays


While his accolades for 2021 may not be quite as groundbreaking as Ohtani's, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is exactly the kind of hot young star that Sony San Diego went with last year.

MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete Vladimir Guerrero Jr
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YOUNG GUN: Guerrero Jr. was on fire this year at the plate

Like Tatis Jr., Guerrero Jr. is just 22 years old, and in this breakout third year he was named an All-Star, joined the All-MLB First Team, was the MLB Home Run Leader, nabbed the Silver Slugger Award, and was given the AL Hank Aaron Award.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. ended the year first in the AL in on-base percentage and slugging, and he might be just what MLB The Show 22 needs on the cover.

Jorge Soler, Atlanta Braves


If you want to hyper focus on recent history, we can't discount the possibility of a World Series standout like Jorge Soler getting the nod as MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete.

MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete Jorge Soler
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WORLD SERIES MVP: There's no denying Soler's championship performance

After hitting a home run in his first major league at-bat with the Chicago Cubs, his tenure there saw Soler experience his first World Series championship before landing with the Kansas City Royals.


After being traded to the Braves back in July 2021, Soler went on a tear that helped drive the Atlanta Braves to the World Series where Soler became one of only six players to hit at least three go-ahead homers in a World Series.

Deluxe Special Edition Cover Legends: Buster Posey or David Ortiz

Sony San Diego has done international covers for years, often highlighting players for Korea or Canada for their regional versions, but MLB The Show 21 marked a change.

MLB The Show 21 featured a special Jackie Robinson Edition highlighting his prolific and historic career on a deluxe special edition cover and version of the game.

We don't know for sure if MLB The Show 22 will continue this and start a new trend with legends covers, but two stars seem like the most likely options should they do that.

Buster Posey became the longest tenured player in Giants history when he began the 2021 season, and he went on to deliver an unforgettable closing chapter that garnered his second NL Comeback Player of the Year Award ahead of Posey announcing his retirement.

MLB The Show 22 Cover Athlete David Ortiz
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THROWBACK: Ortiz was the first man to be the face of The Show

However, we could also see MLB The Show 22 pay homage to one of its own legends in David Ortiz, as "Big Papi" was on the cover of MLB 06: The Show, the first game in franchise history to use "The Show" in the title.

A new deluxe legend cover for David Ortiz would be a fantastic homage to the history of the MLB The Show franchise, and he remains a fan-favorite among players who continue to dominate today with Ortiz in Diamond Dynasty.