MLB The Show 22 New Features: Road to the Show features and Controls Guide

MLB The Show 22 has a ton of fun stuff and the official launch of the game is now underway.

Game modes like Road to the Show and Diamond Dynasty has seen significant changes, so we have a control guide to help you out.

We've got details on all the MLB The Show 22 new features revealed so far and when more news is scheduled to arrive.

Latest - Full Controls Guide

The MLB The Show 22 Controls have changed quite a bit, so we decided to put together all of the controls you'll need in one location.

From the new pitching controls to batting and baserunning, we've got everything you need to know right here.

MLB The Show 22
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SWING AWAY: Check out our MLB The Show 22 Controls Guide

We covered specifically how to field in a separate piece due to some players having trouble with the fielding mechanics.

To learn about the new fielding controls in MLB The Show 22, head here.

Road to the Show revealed

Road to the Show is one of the most popular game modes available and the good news is there's more to enjoy this year.

There have been changes to the cast and Ballplayer adjustments made, giving you a lot of stuff to enjoy in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 new features
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NEW CAST: Check out the hosts for Road to the Show this year

Here are a few of the names you can expect in Road to the Show:

  • Robert Flores
  • JP Morosi
  • Joe Mauer
  • Rachel Balkovec
  • Kellen Lee
  • Robert Flores

To learn everything there is to know about the MLB The Show 22 new features in Road to the Show, head here.

MLB The Show 22 New Features: Online co-op kicks off yearly upgrades

MLB The Show 22 is finally here, and there is a slew of new features to make this year's installment stand out from the pack.

Sony San Diego gave themselves a tough act to follow, as MLB The Show 21 broke ground with a major Road to the Show revamp the same year that they expanded to Xbox for the first time.

With crossplay innovations pushing the genre forward last year, it's not a huge surprise they've pushed that even further with this year's new online co-op mode being crossplay and cross-platform.

MLB The Show 22 new features
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ROTATION: Players will alternate roles in the new co-op mode

The new game mode allows players to play 2v2 or 3v3 in regular exhibition games or in Diamond Dynasty with a unique combined lineups feature that we've got more details on here.

The new game mode has also taken center stage in the brief MLB The Show 22 tech test, which aimed primarily at stress testing their servers ahead of launch.

With an open beta this year, it looks like Sony San Diego are trying their best to avoid the Early Access server issues that plagued MLB The Show 21 at launch.

When will more new features be revealed?

It looks like online co-op took the first position in their MLB The Show 22 new features lineup due to the fact that it had to be revealed prior to the launch of the technical test.

While last year they jumped to Xbox for the first time, the console additions get even more intriguing with MLB The Show 22 as it lands on Nintendo Switch and makes the game more portable than ever before.

An overview of how the game will work on that platform is next up, but there are a plethora of MLB The Show 22 new features on the way.

Below, you'll find the Feature Premiere schedule where they'll take deep dives into all the MLB The Show 22 new features ahead of launch:

  • Thursday, February 24 - Nintendo Switch
  • Thursday, March 3 - Gameplay updates to Pitching, Hitting, and Fielding
  • Thursday, March 10 - Commentary
  • Thursday, March 17 - March to October and Presentation Update
  • Thursday, March 24 - Road to the show and Ballplayer
  • Thursday, March 31 - Diamond Dynasty, Live Content, and eSports

We've got more details here on how you can watch those yourself to find out first hand what kinds of new features are hitting MLB The Show 22.

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