MLB The Show 22 Ratings: Can anyone dethrone Mike Trout?

MLB The Show 22 ratings are sure to be a hotly contested topic as next year's game approaches, but Mike Trout is already the favorite for highest rated.

These MLB The Show 22 ratings predictions will take a look at what we could see when the game is released and which players could topple Trout as king of The Show.

MLB The Show 22 Ratings

MLB The Show 22 ratings will be one of the biggest conversation topics as the next installment in this franchise draws near.

The latest MLB season is officially in the books, and the Atlanta Braves found their way to the top as the 2021 World Series Champions.

MLB The Show 22 ratings
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THEY ARE THE CHAMPIONS: The Braves are 2021's kings of baseball

While they may have been the most cohesive unit when the dust settled, they may not end up having the highest rated players in MLB The Show 22.

Which player could dethrone Mike Trout at the top?

When it comes to the highest rated player in MLB The Show 22, chances are we're likely going to see a familiar face leading the charge.

Mike Trout has been the king of The Show for as long as some players can remember, joining the series with MLB 12: The Show before being one of 16 players given a 99 OVR rating at launch in MLB 13: The Show.

After that year, every single installment had just one to four players in the launch roster with a 99 OVR rating, but his streak could finally come to an end in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 ratings
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THE KING: Mike Trout has been practically untouchable in The Show

Trout was taken out of action in August with a torn calf muscle, and the injury left many of his stats on the year lagging behind, but Trout's batting average of .333, slugging of .624, and OPS of 1.090 were all up compared to those stats in 2020.

Shohei Ohtani could be a dark horse to dethrone him, as Ohtani had a landmark year as unanimous AL MVP and became the first ever two-way All-Star in MLB history.

While Ohtani's ratings didn't end the season in MLB The Show 21 at the same level as Trout's, we could see a significant shift by the time MLB The Show 22 arrives.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and Bryce Harper are also likely to be among the game's best, and we could see two-time 99 OVR rated pitcher Jacob deGrom three-peat that achievement.

Best Teams: Predicting the Highest Rated Team

While they might not have the lone highest rated player, the favorite for highest rated team in MLB The Show 22 is definitely the new World Series Champions.

The Atlanta Braves were among the strongest clubs in MLB The Show 21, and they proved their cohesion throughout the season by becoming the best in the league.

Following their own World Series victory, the Los Angeles Dodgers were the highest rated team in MLB The Show 21, so that likely means the Braves will do the same.

MLB The Show 22 ratings
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EARNED RANKINGS: The Braves have proven they were 2021's best

While they couldn't finish the job, the Houston Astros proved they're still among the league's best, and are likely to be near the top with the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals.

The only thing that could knock the Braves from that definitive "Best Team in MLB The Show 22" position would be a series of offseason roster moves, as a loss or change of a few key players could put the Braves in a very different position.

Diamond Dynasty Live Series Ratings

MLB The Show 22 ratings normally focus on how the core roster of the game is rated and the teams you'd bring into exhibitions or Franchise Mode.

However, things get a bit different in the Ultimate Team game mode Diamond Dynasty, which we're sure to see return in MLB The Show 22.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Live Series Ratings
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ROSTER UPDATE: Every two weeks the Live Series ratings would change

Diamond Dynasty used a Live Series of cards this year where this core set representing the active 40-man roster for each MLB team, and their ratings would adjust throughout the year based on real-world performances.

Mike Trout and Jacob deGrom ended the year at 96 OVR, each of them tied for the highest rated Live Series cards in MLB The Show 21 Diamond Dynasty.

We could see them near the top once again, but names like Shohei Ohtani, Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Fernando Tatis Jr., and Ronald Acuna Jr. are also likely to be in that upper echelon of Diamonds.

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