MLB The Show 22: Jack Morris could be the next Legends Roster addition

As we near the official release date more Legends are making their way to the MLB The Show 22 roster. Today, we got another sneak peek at the next one.

Of course, the speculation surrounding the latest reveal has begun and we have a few ideas on who it could be. We also have the current list of Legends on the roster.

So, could Jack Morris be the next Legend added to the MLB The Show 22 roster?

MLB The Show 22 Legends reveal

The Legends in MLB The Show 22 are going to be vital to the game because you'll take the diamond as some of the best players in history.

We've already seen some great players added to the roster, but now we have another teaser below and a few ideas on who this potential player can be.

Based on this silhouette, we can see that the Legend addition definitely has a mustache and is a pitcher. A few key eyes believe this to be Pitcher Jack Morris, who won 254 games through his career.

Now, of course, this is just speculation and it could be someone else, but it's our pick for this MLB The Show 22 roster addition.

Other Legends revealed so far

So far, we've seen legends such as Kirk Gibson, Randy Johnson, and more added to the MLB The Show 22 roster. Each week, more are added to the lineup.

It's also important to note that these are new Legends, first-timers that have never made it into the game before.

MLB The Show 22 Kirk Gibson
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GIBSON REVEAL: Expect more legends to be revealed very soon

Here is who has been revealed as a new Legend in MLB The Show 22:

  • Randy Johnson (New Legend)
  • Ryan Howard (New Legend)
  • Kirk Gibson (New Legend)
  • Kevin Youkilis (New Legend)

We're still a while away from the official April 5, 2022 release date of the game, so at least two more Legends are on the way.

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