MLB The Show 22: Best ways to play during Double XP, start and end date

MLB The Show 22 is almost ready for a new featured program, and that means things are winding down for Future of the Franchise.

We've got all the details on the upcoming start of Double XP, the end date for this event, and how to get the most out of your MLB The Show 22 gameplay.

MLB The Show 22: Double XP Start & End Date

We're now deep into the second four-week featured program in Diamond Dynasty, and MLB The Show 22 will once again get a Double XP activation as it wraps up.

Sony San Diego has made the timing of these a habit since launch with the final days or final full week of each featured program receiving a Double XP boost to help players make a final push to finish that program before time runs out.

MLB The Show 22 Double XP
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We've now got confirmation that the next Double XP activation is set for Friday, June 24, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

This one will last just under a week, as the Sizzling Summer featured program is set to replace Future of the Franchise a day earlier than initially expected.

Double XP will end along with the Future of the Franchise program on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at approximately Noon PT.

Best ways to play during Double XP week

The first thing to remember about Double XP is that it only applies to gameplay XP acquired by playing games across any of the game modes in MLB The Show 22.

This means the bulk XP rewards that come from progressing Archetype Programs or finishing missions won't be multiplied, only the gameplay itself.

If you're comfortable taking things online, playing in the Future Ain't Far Event or in Ranked Seasons can net the most XP, but only if your skill level is high enough to succeed.

If you'd rather keep things offline, the best course of action is Play vs CPU with the Baltimore Orioles as your opponent.

You can build a team with the purpose of finishing specific Parallel XP missions in the process, but the most important thing is to keep the difficulty level low enough for your skill level.

While higher difficulties can net some extra rewards at times, the advantage of lower difficulties is that pitching lights out and scoring more will give you significantly more XP.

You can also work towards rewards in Conquest, especially if you haven't finished the ones that expire with Future of the Franchise, or Mini Seasons, but it can be easier to rack up consistent runs in Play vs CPU with full 9-inning games.

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