MLB The Show 22: Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List, get Spring Cleanup started right

MLB The Show 22 constantly has content either arriving or expiring in Diamond Dynasty, and we're here to help you stay focused on what's important.

Our Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List will ensure you don't miss out on key content in MLB The Show 22 and know what's coming next.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Weekly Schedule (May 2)

MLB The Show 22 continues to drop new content, and things are thriving with the recent release of Spring Cleanup.

First, let's take a look at the current MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty schedule as of May 2:

  • May 2: New Ranked Seasons World Series rewards (starts at 3pm PT)
  • May 5: April Monthly Awards players released, full program live
  • May 5: Bosses Band Event ends at 11am PT
  • May 5: New Event likely arrives at Noon PT
  • May 6: Possible transactions only Roster Update
  • May 13: Next ratings shift in Roster Update expected
  • May 20: Spring Cleanup Featured Program ends at 11am PT

The frequency of the next Roster Update remains unconfirmed, but when it arrives should signal to us how often they plan to do ratings changes this season.

You can find the ongoing Diamond Dynasty Content Schedule here.

Rack up wins in the Bosses Band Event

Sony San Diego seems to be in favor of relatively short Events this year, and that continues to ring true with Bosses Band.

This new Event began on Friday, April 29, 2022, and it's set to expire on Friday, May 5, 2022 at approximately 11am PT.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty Weekly To-Do List
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TICK TOCK: This event only lasts for a few more days in Diamond Dynasty

That gives players just a few more days to pick up some wins to snag rewards like Postseason Johnny Bench, who is among the best catchers available in Diamond Dynasty.

Finish Topps Now Moments before April Monthly Awards arrive

The biggest arrival expected this week is April Monthly Awards, but players may have noticed that program already exists in Diamond Dynasty.

The new drop will reveal which players were chosen based on their performances in May to fill out the rest of the program, but you'll need to knock out all the Topps Now Moments to reach them.

While this program isn't expected to expire, the only way to snag cards like Lightning Andre Dawson quickly would be knocking out the current Topps Now Moments now before the next set of missions or moments arrive.

Start your Spring Cleanup with the Spring Showers Conquest Map

Spring Cleanup has arrived as the next Featured Program in Diamond Dynasty, and along with it came a new Conquest map in Spring Showers.

You can snag 30,000 XP for the Spring Cleanup program by completing it, as well as a handful of Hidden Rewards which we have location details on here.

Play your first innings in the next Ranked Seasons period

Finally, the next period for Ranked Seasons has begun along with new rewards including Breakout Clayton Kershaw and All-Star Vinny Castilla.

You'll earn these rewards by playing a given number of innings in Ranked Seasons before the new rewards period begins, and as a result it's good to get rolling on that as soon as possible.

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