MLB The Show 22 Bosses Band: Event Rewards, Rules, and End Date

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Players looking for more to do in MLB The Show 22 will be happy to know that the Bosses Band Event is underway, giving you even more action.

Not only do we have the event rewards, we also have the rules and the streak rewards that you'll need to know.

Time to take the plate in the MLB The Show 22 Bosses Band Event.

MLB The Show 22 Bosses Band Event

The Bosses Band Event began on April 29, but it's not going to be around for very long. In fact the end date for the event will be on May 5.

We'll go into more detail on the rules of the event below, but one of the most important parts is that there are free entries.

MLB The Show 22 Bosses Band
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BOSSES BAND: Hit Diamond Dynasty to start earning rewards today

Let's breakdown the rules for the MLB The Show 22 Bosses Band Event:

  • Start Date: April 29, 2022
  • End Date: May 5, 2022
  • Players From: AL East, NL East, NL Central
  • Min Player Rating: 60 OVR
  • Max Team Rating: 90 OVR
  • Difficulty: All-Star
  • Free Entries available

Now let's check out the rewards that are available for the ongoing event.

Bosses Band Event Rewards

The way the Bosses Band Event rewards work in MLB The Show 22 will be depending on how many wins you get. The more wins the better the rewards.

You'll also get rewards based on your streak. For instance, if you're on a three-game winning streak you'll receive a 65-74 Live Series Bronze card.

MLB The Show 22 Bosses Band Event
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TROUT GETS BETTER: Mike Trout might be the best player in MLB The Show 22

The max reward is at 30 wins, but at 20 wins you'll receive the 92 OVR Johnny Bench. Let's go over all of the rewards for the Bosses Band Event:

  • 1 Win = One MLB The Show 22 Pack
  • 3 Wins = 500 Stubs
  • 5 Wins = Set 6 Headliners Pack + 2500 XP
  • 7 Wins = 1000 Stubs
  • 10 Wins = Rewind Events Choice Pack
  • 13 Wins = Set 7 Headliners Pack + 1500 Stubs
  • 15 Wins = 92 OVR Wade Boggs + 2500 XP
  • 18 Wins = Set 8 Headliners Pack + 2000 Stubs
  • 20 Wins = 92 OVR Johnny Bench + 2500 XP
  • 25 Wins = Rewind Events Choice Pack + 2500 XP
  • 28 Wins = Set 9 Headliners Pack
  • 30 Wins = 20 MLB The Show 22 Packs + 5000 XP

If you get 12 wins in a row, you'll get a free MLB The Show 22 Bosses Band 85-89 OVR player, so hit Diamond Dynasty today.

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