MLB The Show 22: Anthony Rizzo revealed as April Monthly Awards Lightning Player

MLB The Show 22 continues to honor outstanding real-world performances in the MLB with the April Monthly Awards program, but there's only one top honor.

We've got full details on who was chosen as the first Lightning player of the season and how to earn this top reward in the MLB The Show 22 April Monthly Awards program.

MLB The Show 22 reveals April Monthly Awards Lightning Player

After plenty of anticipation about which player had done enough to secure their spot, it was Anthony Rizzo of the New York Yankees being revealed as the Lightning player this month.

This makes Rizzo the first current Lightning player chosen this season for MLB The Show 22, though Andre Dawson had previously been revealed as a special Lightning Legend in this program.

MLB The Show 22 Anthony Rizzo April Monthly Awards
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FULL POWER: Rizzo is carrying amazing hitting stats on this card

His full stats can be seen above, and there's no doubt this new Anthony Rizzo card will draw some eyes considering the 100+ Power ratings.

Combined with his high Clutch and very solid Contact, plus the fact that Rizzo is a left-handed hitter with good ratings against both leftie and rightie pitchers, this is a must-have card for your lineup or bench.

How to unlock Lightning April Monthly Awards Anthony Rizzo

If you're hoping to get this Rizzo card for your Diamond Dynasty squad, it'll be found in the April Monthly Awards Program.

In order to snag Rizzo, you'll first have to complete a series of moments and missions to unlock all of this month's Topps Now players.

There are 14 in total, and you'll need every last one of them to get to the next stage where Rizzo awaits, so be sure not to sell any as you're going through the program.

Once at that next stage, you'll need to work through the program to unlock 5 of the new April Monthly Awards players.

MLB The Show 22 Anthony Rizzo
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REQUIRED: Don't sell those Monthly Awards players and miss out on Rizzo

While there are 9 players released in the April Monthly Awards, you'll only be able to choose 5 of them while going through Stage 2 of the April Monthly Awards Program.

With those in hand, you'll be able to complete a collection that can get you the last step of the way to Lightning April Monthly Awards Anthony Rizzo.

You'll also unlock the Lightning Legend Andre Dawson in the process, giving you two major 90+ options for Diamond Dynasty.

If you want to snag the other few, continue in the program onto Stage 3 where you can snag a few more packs to ensure you've collected them all.

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