MLB The Show 22: Topps Now Moments and Andre Dawson Lightning Legend revealed

MLB The Show 22 is delivering the Topps Now Moments rewards quickly after a special push-button stream announced the April rewards.

At the moment, you can jump onto Diamond Dynasty and begin earning these cards. We have everything you'll need to know for the process right here.

Let's take a look at the new MLB The Show 22 Topps Now Moments rewards.

MLB The Show 22 Topps Now Moments

For those that are unfamiliar, the Topps Now Moments will give you a chance to play moments and earn cards. This is similar to the Babe Ruth Moments from the launch of MLB The Show 22.

This time, the Topps Now Moments are tied directly into the April Rewards, which we detailed here. There are five cards in total that you can earn.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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APRIL REWARDS: Hold onto your seats, some great cards are incoming

Here are the cards available and we'll detail each of the Topps Now Moments you'll have to complete below:

  • Jeremy Pena - 84 OVR - Shortstop
  • Joey Bart - 84 OVR - Catcher
  • Hunter Greene - 84 OVR - Starting Pitcher
  • Steven Kwan - 84 OVR - Left Field
  • Seth Beer - 84 OVR - Left Field

Two of the best cards from this set, in our opinion, is the Hunter Greene and Steven Kwan cards. Once we earn them, we'll debut them on our Twitch channel.

Topps Now Moments Tasks

The first stage of the Topps Now Moments has been unlocked so we can see what it is we'll need to do to earn these cards.

Some of these MLB The Show 22 tasks are easy, however, others have had the difficulty raised, making them much harder to complete.

MLB The Show 22 Diamond Dynasty
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TOPPS TASKS: Start completing tasks to earn some of these cards

Remember, this is only Stage 1 of the Topps Now Moments, more tasks will be added once you finish this stage:

  • April 7th: Welcome to the Show, Witt (Veteran Difficulty)
    • Tally 1 Extra Base Hit
  • April 7th: National Beer Day (Rookie Difficulty)
    • Hit 1 Home Run
  • April 8th: Baez With a Walk-off Winner (Veteran Difficulty)
    • Tally 1 Hit
    • Tally 1 Run Batted In
  • April 8th: Bart Blast (Rookie Difficulty)
    • Hit 1 Home Run
  • April 8th: He's An All-Star, Dave (Veteran Difficulty)
    • Tally 4 Total Bases
  • April 9th: Rodon Racks Up Strikeouts
    • Strike Out 6 Batters
    • Do Not Give Up 1 Run
  • April 10th: Greene Throws Gas
    • Strike Out 5 Batters
    • Do Not Give Up 1 Home Run
  • April 10th: Learn The Name
    • Tally 5 Total Bases

Remember, although the cards you earn are sellable, they need to be collected in order to claim the main MLB The Show 22 April Reward.

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