MLB The Show 21 Ballplayer Features Revealed

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MLB The Show 21 is targeting a release in less than a month, and San Diego Studio has come through with some massive new reveals for the game with its new RTTS and Ballplayer features!

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Let's dive into what we learned about MLB The Show 21 - including RTTS, Ballplayer, the commentary team, and plenty more.

New MLB The Show 21 RTTS and Ballplayer Features

This week's San Diego Studio MLB The Show 21 feature reveal stream delivered bigtime.

Road to the Show Narrative Podcasts

First, we learned that Road to the Show (RTTS) will come with a new narrative system, including over 180 podcasts that will play throughout your Ballplayer's career.

MLB The Show 21 announcers commentators
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VOICE OF THE GAME: Ben Gellman-Chomsky hosts the RTTS podcasts that will build a new narrative

These podcasts will play based on different events in your career - which means your decisions will change what you see.


This also means you won't see every podcast in any one RTTS playthrough.

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Ballplayers will take on a massive new feature in MLB The Show 21 - Loadouts.

MLB The Show 21 Loadouts RTTS Ballplayer
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CUSTOMIZE: Loadouts let you build your Ballplayer out differently for different situations

These Loadouts allow players to build their character to take on different tasks in unique ways.

This will include position-specific loadouts, which mean your player can take on different attributes, archetype items, and more to differentiate at each position.

2-Way Players

For players looking to take on multiple roles in Road to the Show, 2-Way Players will now be supported, allowing you to pitch and hit as you desire.

MLB The Show 21 2-way players pitching
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BOTH SIDES: 2-Way Players are now supported in MLB The Show 21

Your decisions based on what roles you take on as a 2-Way Player will impact your career path and events in your career - including fan reactions!

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A new MLB The Show 21 progression system is being introduced for Ballplayers in Road to the Show - Programs.

MLB The Show 21 Programs Missions RTTS Ballplayer
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NEW MISSIONS: Programs bring a new progression system to RTTS

Programs will challenge players with missions to unlock perk packs, archetype items, and more, allowing you another path to get better over your career.

New Legend Revealed

With each MLB The Show 21 feature reveal weekly stream, we get a new MLB The Show 21 Legend reveal for the roster!

MLB The Show 21 Kirby Puckett Legends Roster Reveal
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HEAVY HITTER: Puckett brings a big bat to MLB The Show 21

This week's was a massive reveal, Kirby Puckett!

Puckett joins a stacked Legends Roster, which you can read over here.

Watch the MLB The Show 21 Feature Premiere

MLB The Show 21's new RTTS and Ballplayer features were revealed on March 25th via the weekly reveal stream. You can watch the full stream Sony San Diego's YouTube or Twitch channels.


Last week, they targeted the Complete Fielding Overhaul in store for MLB The Show 21, but we also got a new Legend Reveal with Grady Sizemore.

This week's covered all of the massive new RTTS and Ballplayer features coming to MLB The Show 21.

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