Young, Ruth, and Robinson among Top Rated Legends

MLB The Show 21 has finally arrived for multiple platforms, and even those on Xbox Game Pass can download and start enjoying the massive ratings on the Legends Roster.

While all of today's current MLB players are on their own respective teams, MLB The Show 21 is also packed with dozens of legends, many of whom earned a 99 OVR rating.

MLB The Show 21 Legends Roster Ratings

MLB The Show 21 divides the Legends Roster up into four categories, but it's worth noting this is different than the roster and ratings found in Diamond Dynasty.

MLB The Show 21 Legends Roster Ratings
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BARRIER BREAKER: Robinson made history while crushing it on the field

The game's Ultimate Team mode has different ratings for different versions or eras of certain current and legend players, but that's separate from the core rosters.

You can find all of the game's Legends by going to create and adjusting the in-game roster, or you can use them in Franchise Mode if that's something you setup during creation.

Highest Rated Legends in MLB The Show 21

There are three Legends Teams on MLB The Show 21. The Mid-Century Groundbreakers, Expansion Era Boomers, and Long Ball Beasts are all playable teams that can be used in Exhibition.

Each of them is packed with some of the game's most powerful and historic legends, but there are also a handful included in the Free Agents roster which can be moved onto those Legends teams or any other team users choose.

MLB The Show 21 Ratings Legends Roster
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PICK YOUR ROSTER: Change every team's lineup from Roster Control

To pick out the highest rated Legends in MLB The Show 21 we have to restrict things to only those who received a 99 OVR rating, and here's every member of the Legends Roster in that upper echelon.

99 OVR Free Agents Legends Roster

  • Yadier Molina 99 OVR Catcher
  • Willie Mays 99 OVR Center Fielder
  • Matt Kemp 99 OVR Center Fielder
  • Bryce Harper 99 OVR Right Fielder
  • Ryan Braun 99 OVR Left Fielder
  • Bret Saberhagen 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Fergie Jenkins 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Oral Hershiser 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Luis Gonzalez 99 OVR Left Fielder
  • George Foster 99 OVR Left Fielder
  • Eric Davis 99 OVR Center Fielder

99 OVR Mid-Century Groundbreakers Roster

  • Jimmie Foxx 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Willie Mays 99 OVR Center Fielder
  • Hank Aaron 99 OVR Right Fielder
  • Mickey Mantle 99 OVR Center Fielder
  • Brooks Robinson 99 OVR Third Baseman
  • Willie McCovey 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Ralph Kiner 99 OVR Left Fielder
  • Stan Musial 99 OVR Left Fielder
  • Cy Young 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Walter Johnson 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Bob Gibson 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Babe Ruth 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Tom Seaver 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Christy Mathewson 99 OVR Relief Pitcher
  • Robin Roberts 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Eddie Mathews 99 OVR Third Baseman
  • Jackie Robinson 99 OVR Second Baseman
  • Lou Gehrig 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Johnny Bench 99 OVR Catcher
  • Lefty Grove 99 OVR Starting Pitcher

99 OVR Expansion Era Boomers Roster

  • Rickey Henderson 99 OVR Left Fielder
  • Fernando Valenzuela 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Vida Blue 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Harold Baines 99 OVR Right Fielder
  • Dennis Eckersley 99 OVR Closing Pitcher
  • Ryne Sandberg 99 OVR Second Baseman
  • Kirby Puckett 99 OVR Center Fielder
  • George Brett 99 OVR Third Baseman
  • Eddie Murray 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Don Sutton 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Frank Tanana 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Gary Carter 99 OVR Catcher
  • Mike Scott 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Ken Griffey Jr. 99 OVR Center Fielder
  • Joe Morgan 99 OVR Second Baseman
  • Mike Schmidt 99 OVR Third Baseman
  • Cal Ripken Jr 99 OVR Shortstop

99 OVR Long Ball Beasts Roster

  • Gary Sheffield 99 OVR Right Fielder
  • Jimmy Rollins 99 OVR Shortstop
  • Alfonso Soriano 99 OVR Second Baseman
  • Todd Helton 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Prince Fielder 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Larry Walker 99 OVR Right Fielder
  • Roberto Alomar 99 OVR Second Baseman
  • Jeff Bagwell 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Vladimir Guerrero 99 OVR Right Fielder
  • Grady Sizemore 99 OVR Center Fielder
  • Edgar Martinez 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Pedro Martinez 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Greg Maddux 99 OVR Starting Pitcher
  • Mariano Rivera 99 OVR Closing Pitcher
  • Chipper Jones 99 OVR Third Baseman
  • Craig Biggio 99 OVR Second Baseman
  • Frank Thomas 99 OVR First Baseman
  • Ivan Rodriguez 99 OVR Catcher
  • Mark Prior 99 OVR Starting Pitcher

There are many more Legends in the game that didn't quite make the 99 OVR rating, but players will have plenty of classic MLB players to choose from if they want to change up the rosters in Franchise Mode or elsewhere.

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