Madden 20: Golden Ticket program - What is it? When is it live? release date, packs, players, challenges & more

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The NFL season may be over, but the Ultimate Team promos don't stop.

While we expect a Free Agent promo to drop soon, this week sees the Golden Ticket promo return.

Fans of Willy Wonka, or The Office, will already know what this concept is.

But how will it work in Madden 20 this year?

Keep reading to find out.

What is the Golden Ticket promo?

This special promo will require a lot of luck. There will be just 20 Golden Tickets in Madden 20, 10 for Xbox players and 10 for PS4.

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If you manage to get the collectible you will have input into Madden creating a massive player card!

When is the Golden Ticket promo?

Players will be able to participate in the Madden 20 Golden Ticket promo by playing Ultimate Challenges that will be available for just one hour.

The dates and times the Ultimate Challenges are:

  • Tuesday, March 10th @ 9PM ET
  • Friday, March 13th @ 10PM ET

European Madden players will be understandably disappointed by these windows, but for US players they are perfect.

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The Ticket Ultimate Challenges will be a full game with three minute quarters. After completion of the Ultimate Challenge, you will receive a reward that will either be a coin quicksell or the Golden Ticket collectible.

Can I still get a Golden Ticket player?

Once the promo is done, the Golden Ticket players will go into packs as a permanent item. However, you will have a higher chance of pulling them in the first 48 hours after they are released.

However, only those lucky 20 players will have the chance to create their ideal card and give a boost to their favorite player!

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