MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty: Live Series 2 Event - Rewards, rules, timeline & more

MLB The Show 20 has many different kinds of event game modes for Diamond Dynasty. These modes only run for a limited time, but offer big overall rewards, and smaller rewards that can be earned per entry.

The newest Diamond Dynasty event game mode is Live Series 2.

Let's go over what you can win and how you win this newest MLB The Show 20 event.

The timeline

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Live Series 2 Event home
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THAT TIME AGAIN: Live Series 2 means an all-new grind for players to earn huge rewards. This time, though, they'll only have 9 days to do it.

Most Diamond Dynasty event game modes run for a month or more. Live Series 2 however will only run for 9 days, making it one of the shortest yet. It officially ends on 11 June.

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That means you only have a little more than a week to accumulate big overall wins to earn the amazing rewards this event offers.

The rules

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Live Series 2 Event Rules
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THEM'S THE RULES: Live Series 2 forces players to battle it out with weaker rosters to make things interesting.

The Live Series 2 Event will run under the following ruleset:

  • Only Gold, Silver, and Common Live Series Players can make up your team.
  • The minimum overall for these players is 64.
  • The maximum overall for these players is 84.
  • Difficulty will be set at All-Star.
  • Each game, like most events, will last 6 innings.

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The rewards

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Live Series 2 Event Rewards
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THE PLUNDER: If you can fight through to pick up enough overall wins over Live Series 2, there's some huge rewards waiting.

Live Series 2 has plenty of fantastic overall rewards, but you'll have to act quick to earn them.

This includes Diamond Kenny Lofton at 35 overall wins, Diamond Fred Mcgriff at 50 wins, and five Ballin' is a Habit packs at 100 wins.

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Live Series 2 Event Fred Mcgriff
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PLATE MENACE: Fred McGriff presents huge problems to right-handed pitchers

Fred Mcgriff is a huge addition to Diamond Dynasty, and is immediately competitive with the best first basemen available.

Mcgriff's best strengths are his Power and Contact vs R at 105 and 100 respectively, and his 98 Durability. These stats make Mcgriff an absolute nightmare for righties, and he's still pretty great against lefties as well.

Mcgriff will do almost all of his damage at the plate, with fairly average defensive stats and below average baserunning.

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Live Series 2 Event Kenny Lofton
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JACK OF ALL TRADES: Kenny Lofton is a threat anywhere he goes, making him a very valuable pickup in Diamond Dynasty

Kenny Lofton is another legendary name added to the Diamond Dynasty roster. He can stand up with some of the best center field options available now, and is a very multi-faceted talent.

Lofton's best stats are his 113 Contact vs R, 99 Contact vs L, 99 Steal, and 99 BR AGG. Lofton brings top tier stats to each facet of his game, making in a threat at the plate, in the field, and running the bags.

He'll slot wonderfully into any kind of Diamond Dynasty lineup.

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