MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty: Switch It Up 2 event mode - rewards, rules, timeline

MLB The Show 20 has started yet another new Diamond Dynasty event game mode, Switch It Up 2.

Much like the other events in The Show, you can work your way to winning plenty of packs and quality diamond players.

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Let's go over all the details of this new event.

The Rules

MLB The Show 20 Switch It Up 2 Rules
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HOW TO- The rules for Switch It Up 2 are simple, it's winning that's the hard part

In Switch It Up 2 players build squads that include switch hitters, All Star Series Players, Silver players, Bronze Players, and Common Players.

Your team's overall must fall between 62 and 92.

The games in this mode are played on All-Star difficulty.

The games are 6-innings long.

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mlb the show 20 Switch It Up 2 Rewards
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JACKPOT- There are big rewards in Switch It Up 2, you just have to reach them in time

The rewards for Switch It Up 2 are fantastic, with two 92+ diamond players in the mix. Not to mention plenty of packs and stubs.

Some of the biggest rewards include Prime Flashback Shin-Soo Choo (a 92 OVR RF) at 25 wins, Postseason Legend Eddie Murray (a 94 OVR 1B) at 40 wins, and 10 The Show packs at 60 wins.

Along the way to these overall rewards you can earn rewards for each entry to add extra value. At 12 wins or more without losing your entry, you'll earn a Live Series Diamond player from 85-89 OVR.

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MLB The Show 20 Switch It Up 2 Event Schedule
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EMBRACE THE CHALLENGE- 60 wins in 11 days? No biggie

Switch It Up 2 runs from May 22nd to June 2nd.

That means you'll need to hurry if you plan on grinding out the biggest rewards.

This short 11-day event is an improvement over Switch It Up 1 which ran for just eight days.

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