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21 Apr 2020

MLB The Show 20: Headliners Set 12 - Featured player, release date & more

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Release Date

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Featured Player

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Headliners Set

The Headliners Set introduces many talented diamond players to Diamond Dynasty to shake things up.

Let's go over what we know so far about the next pack to come, Headliners Set 12.

Release Date

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty release schedule

MLB The Show 20 has plenty of new content coming out in the next few days

Headliners Set 12 will officially go live April 21st. Also on April 21st will be a new Prospects Event, and a new unlockable diamond.

That means big changes for the Diamond Dynasty world.

Featured Player

MLB The Show 20 diamond dynasty Headliners Set 12 Nick Madrigal 1

Nick Madrigal brings elite talent in all aspects of the game to second base

Headliners Set players are announced early on MLB The Show 20's release schedule, which is visible in the main menu and on their website. For Headliners Set 12, we weren't given any hints for what the featured player would be, but he's officially live. Headliner number 12 is Nick Madrigal.

Madrigal is a huge addition to second base, where he will bring some amazing potential for base hits. Madrigal is one of the fastest players in the game with 98 Speed which helps him steal bases combined with his 92 Stealing and 98 Base Running Aggression. He's also a great contact batter with 111/99 contact vs R/L, and 114 Vision with 108 Clutch.

Expect to see Madrigal as the lead off batter for most elite Diamond Dynasty rotations, which means he's going to be a very valuable pull. The marketplace will have to adjust to such a talented player.

Headliners Set

MLB The Show 20 headliners set 12 pack marketplace

TRY YOUR LUCK: You'll only have five packs to get lucky and pull Nick Madrigal

The Headliners Set has brought some powerful diamond players across most positions. You can purchase Headliners Set packs for 7500 stubs each. While there's a higher chance you'll pull the featured player in your Headliners packs, it's not guaranteed. And you're only able to purchase five packs each set.

But don't worry, you can also purchase Headliners Set players in the Community Marketplace if you miss with your packs.

You can read over all of the Headliners below.

Set Player Position OVR
12Nick Madrigal2B95
11Christy MathewsonSP95
10Miguel Cabrera3B94
9Robb NenCP92
8Dale MurphyCF91
7Vida BlueSP93
6John FrancoCP90
5Ty CobbRF91
4Johnny BenchC92
3Eric GagneCP92
2Jimmy RollinsSS91