MLB The Show 20: Headliners Set 8 pack – release date, featured player Dale Murphy & more

Another Headliners Set pack means another diamond player in Diamond Dynasty. Who will it be?

by Brandon Ridgely
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The Headliners Set packs offer an increased chance to find a featured diamond player for 7500 stubs a pack.

The Headliners Set is perfect for long term strategists. It offers a better chance to open top tier players for the exact position you need to upgrade.

The set bounces around to different positions and types of players. That means whether you need a pitcher or an outfielder, your day will come if you keep up.

Let’s go over what we know about Headliners Set 8 so far, and when we should expect more.

Headliners Set 8 release date

mlb the show 20 schedule April
MLB The Show 20 schedule up to April 13th

The Headliners Set 8 pack is set to release on Tuesday April 7th. It will share a release date with new featured players for the Flawless choice pack.

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With some other top tier players entering the Diamond Dynasty player pool on Tuesday, expect the market to be very active. If you’re quick, selling your featured player might be best for long term profit.

Who is featured in Headliners Set 8?

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Headliners Set 8 Dale Murphy

Headliners Set 8 features a Legend outfielder per the MLB The Show 20 schedule. That outfielder is Dale Murphy.

Murphy brings some elite fielding to Diamond Dynasty and some strong batting as well. Murphy has the ability to run through any right-handed pitchers while making big plays on defense.

Headliners Set

MLB The Show 20 Diamond Dynasty Headliners set 8 Dale Murphy player card
Dale Murphy brings some top level fielding to the outfield

The Headliners Set has introduced many important diamond players to Diamond Dynasty.

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Headliners Set 7 introduced starting pitcher Vida Blue. Blue has top tier Stamina to compliment elite H/9, K/9, and Break to go deep in big games.

Headliners Set 6 introduced reliever John Franco. Franco has top tier k/9 and Pitching Clutch to compliment elite Break and HR/9 to shut down important batters.

Headliners Set 5 introduced right fielder Ty Cobb. Cobb has top tier contact batting and vision to go along with elite speed for a base hit generating machine.

Headliners Set 4 introduced catcher Johnny Bench. Bench has top tier Discipline and Clutch to compliment elite fielding to gun down runners.

Headliners Set 3 introduced closing pitcher Eric Gagne. Gagne has top tier Pitching Clutch and H/9 to help retire sides in important moments.

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Headliners Set 2 introduced shortstop Jimmy Rollins. Rollins is an all-rounder with strong fielding, speed, and batting to fit any situation.

With Headliners set 8 bringing an outfielder, we predict the next to bring a baseman to balance out the releases.

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