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10 Apr 2020

MLB The Show 20 Patch 1.08: Patch Notes, Updates & more

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Check out the new patch

MLB The Show 20's latest patch tackles a number of problems across the game.

While it only has a few easily noticable changes, this patch is a great one since it takes out so many major bugs while tackling crashing.

Let's go over what's arriving with Patch 1.08.


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There's some big news for batters in Patch 1.08

The change that will affect the most players involves cleaning up outfield catching. Patch 1.08 fixes an issue where user-controlled outfielders that arrive on-ball at the last second always miss the catch. This will be a huge headache reliever for players losing games to outfield errors.

Tired of your homeruns being stolen over the wall? SIE San Diego has you covered. Patch 1.08 fixes an issue where outfielder's gloves function like vaccuums for homeruns over the wall.

All other changes

MLB The Show 20 Minor League RTTS Franchise Mode

Andrelton Simmons must've lost his Showdown to a crash

There are several other bugs that Patch 1.08 clears up. It's broken down across gameplay, UI, and miscellaneous changes.

Apart from fixing gameplay bugs related to homeruns and outfield catching, this patch fixes an issue where online players could get trapped in their menu until forfeit. The patch also fixes a bug where players wouldn't get a run when stealing home during certain fly balls.

For UI changes, you will no longer see Baserunning Decisions when playing online head-to-head. Manual is still the default setting.

For miscellaneous changes, the patch fixes a problem where players would lose their Showdown automatically if they disconnected from the mode's menu. The patch also fixes some play-by-play commentary issues, which may make calls a bit more accurate to the game.

Check out the new patch

Ronald Acuna Jr MLB The Show 20 best u25 players franchise mode diamond dynasty road to the show

Acuna Jr. is safe now that outfield gloves aren't vaccums over the wall

Patch 1.08 fixes several game-breaking bugs just in time for Easter weekend.

It's about time to jump onto the diamond and try out late catches on deep fly-balls and beating outfielders over the wall.