MLB The Show 20: New York Yankees Player Ratings, Roster, Lineups, & Farm System

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The New York Yankees are the most iconic baseball franchise in history.

The Yankees have been to the World Series 40 times, and won it 27 times, more than double any other organization. Since the team moved to New York in 1903, originally as the New York Highlanders, they've maintained a .570 winning percentage at 10,378-7,940.

The Yankees have dominated professional baseball like no other sports organization in history. This includes a period of winning the World Series five years in a row.

In the 2019 offseason, the Yankees brought in all-star starting pitcher Gerrit Cole to lead the pitching core. The Yankees now have all the tools they need to not only bring home another World Series this decade, but multiple. It's just a matter of putting things together again.

Team Rating

MLB The Show 20 New York Yankees positional rankings
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QUALITY: The Yankees look quite strong in the positional rankings

There is no uniform team overall in MLB The Show 20. Instead, teams are ranked according to their talent across different positions, and given skill-specific ratings when starting Franchise Mode.

The New York Yankees are sitting pretty in most positional rankings, but there are some weak spots.

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The Yankees are ranked 1st in left field, 2nd at starting pitching, 2nd at relief pitching, 2nd at right field, 4th at second base, and 6th at catching.

The biggest hole in the lineup is at shortstop. The Yankees certainly miss Jeter.

For skill ranking, the Yankees carry on their general excellence. They are ranked 2nd overall in the league, 1st at power batting, and 3rd at pitching. Certainly built around sluggers, the Yankees are always looking to knock one deep, and are a little on the slow end in the field and on the bases.

Best Players

Who has the best bats, arms, and gloves in the pinstripes? These are the guys you can lean on when you really need a result.

Aaron Judge, RF (95 OVR)

Aaron Judge left field New York Yankees MLB The Show 20
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DEADLY ARM: Aaron Judge leads the charge with a heavy bat for the Yankees

Aaron Judge brings a lot to the table for the New York Yankees, and has been the face of the franchise for years.

Judge's most deadly stats are his 99 Discipline, 99 Reaction, 99 Arm Accuracy, and 97 Arm Strength. His power is exceptional across the board at 95 vs both righties and lefties.

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Whether it's gunning down greedy baserunners from the outfield or clearing every wall in the league, Judge has it all.

Gerrit Cole, SP (95 OVR)

Gerrit Cole starting pitcher New York Yankees MLB The Show 20
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BIG MONEY MOVE: Gerrit Cole's rocket of an arm leads the starting rotation for the Yankees

Gerrit Cole is just the leader the Yankees need for their starting bullpen. Always known for standout pitching talent starting and relieving, the 2019 pickup is a real return to form for the Yankees defense.

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Cole throws a disgusting 4-seam fastball that scorches batters with his 99 Velocity and 99 Break. While speed is certainly his calling card, he can strike a batter out in many ways with a five-pitch arsenal.

Giancarlo Stanton, LF (92 OVR)

Giancarlo Stanton left field New York Yankees MLB The Show 20
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TOWER OF POWER: Stanton is another top-level slugger in the Yankees' outfield

You know what compliments an all-star outfield slugger like Aaron Judge? Another outfield slugger named Giancarlo Stanton.

Stanton is an absolute monster at the plate with decent to strong fielding mechanics. While he's slower than Judge and has a major weakness with 41 Vision, Stanton is a devastating weapon for the Yankees.

Full MLB Roster

Player OVR Age Position Bat Hand Contact (R/L) Power (R/L) Fielding Speed
Aaron Judge9526RFR69/7695/959567
Giancarlo Stanton9232LFR61/9088/997158
D.J. LeMahieu89312BR80/9951/698643
Gleyber Torres84232BR74/7585/886240
Gary Sanchez8327CR54/5288/906525
Gio Urshela83283BR84/7858/676237
Brett Gardner8036CFL65/4570/528178
Aaron Hicks7929CFS50/6383/657558
Luke Voit76291BR70/7172/845229
Miguel Andujar76253BR89/6768/643365
Mike Tauchman7229LFL53/7272/487162
Mike Ford68261BL53/6062/65549
Kyle Higashioka6229CR45/4922/257732
Thairo Estrada6123SSR47/5321/265764


MLB The Show 20 new york yankees starting lineup
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ORDER IN THE COURT: When Aaron Judge is in session, so are the Yankees

There are four lineup options for you to fill (vs LHP & RHP, and with & without the DH). By and large you can get away with the same basic lineup for all situations, making a few tweaks here and there depending on if you have any specialists on your roster.

This is the best Yankees lineup to use in most cases:

  • Gio Urshela SS
  • Brett Gardner CF
  • DJ LeMahieu 2B
  • Aaron Judge RF
  • Gleyber Torres DH
  • Giancarlo Stanton LF
  • Luke Voit 1B
  • Gary Sanchez C
  • Miguel Andujar 3B

Best Prospects

Every team needs a good farm system to rely on down the road. Who are the best prospects that the Yankees can look forward to calling up?

Domingo German, SP (74 OVR)

Domingo German is a 26-year-old starting pitcher for the Yankees' AAA organization SWB Railriders.

While German's potential is only a B, his starting overall is a great platform to build from. German has some elite skills, like his 97 Break, 82 Velocity, and 71 Arm Strength.

Jonathan Holder, RP (73 OVR)


Jonathan Holder is a 26-year-old relief pitcher who's a teammate of German on the SWB Railriders.

Holder is a very similar player, with B-level potential and a focus on his Break skill. Holder is much less of an ace, however, fitting more of an everyman role. Holder's best stats are his 84 Break, 77 Arm Strength, and 71 Control.

Antonio Soriano, CP (73 OVR)

Antonio Soriano is also a 26-year-old pitcher, only he's a closer, and isn't actually on the AAA organization.

Soriano instead plays for the Class-A team the Charleston Riverdogs. Soriano might be the brightest prospect for the Yankees long term, as he has A-level potential and a strong overall in a wide-open position. If managed correctly Soriano could be the next Mariano Rivera. But while Soriano does throw a slider, it's nowhere near that elite level.

Soriano's best talents are his 85 H/9, 69 Arm Accuracy, and 68 Arm Strength.

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