MLB The Show 20: Extended trailer details Showdown, new features, improvements, RTTS, & legends

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Baseball season is just around the corner as there will be MLB games (Spring Training) this month!

MLB The Show is traditionally been one of the strongest sporting games every year, with more faithfully reproduced gameplay and graphics.

The PlayStation-exclusive game may be coming to Xbox Series X in 2021, but MLB The Show 20 will still be only for Sony gamers.

PlayStation's YouTube channel took us through an extended look at the last trailer, detailing what fans can expect from the new game when it releases on 17 March 2020.

So, what have we learned?

Hundreds of new animations

Cubs player slides home in MLB The Show 20
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SAFE: New animations bring the game to life

From subtle tweaks to personalized movement and signature stances, MLB The Show 20 is full of unique animations that bring the game to life like never before.

With subtle footwork in the outfield, new catches from first basemen, and double-play movements for infielders, this game should play like no other. With over 700 new gameplay animations, it will be an amazing experience.

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Small things like the Juan Soto shuffle and dugout animations have been added too, to bring personality to the game.


Baseball has a history like no other sport, and MLB The Show is always poised to take advantage of that with the addition of legends.

Gary Sheffield and his bat wiggle are in the game, as is Mets closer John Franco. Ken Griffey Jr returns to the game, while Shane Victorino is featured too.

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Boston icon David Ortiz is in the game too, as is his long-time rival Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

Road To The Show

A Yankees pitcher in MLB The Show 20
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LOOKING GOOD: MLB The Show 20 looks better than ever

RTTS is always a popular game mode, and it gets an upgrade with attribute gains being displayed in real-time as you perform. Mash a homer? Get a boost to your power. Chase pitches outside the zone, lose some batter eye.

Dynamic Challenges have been tuned as well, making them more accurate to your situations and your team's performance.


An all-new game mode!

Draft players, upgrade with perks, and take on the most feared pitchers... It sounds intense, and more information is promised in developer live streams so keep your eye out for updates!

Extreme catches

Juan Soto in MLB The Show 20
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SOTO: The Nationals player gets his signature shuffle this year

Making diving catches and epic plays in the outfield has always been tricky. The Show 20 will give you the chance to make these catches with a new warning indicator.

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However, if your fielder isn't the strongest you can opt to hang back and concede the hit while keeping the ball in front of you.

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