MLB The Show 20: Best Right Fielders (RF) in Franchise Mode, RTTS, & March to October - Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge & more

Right field isn't always the most impactful position in baseball, but many legends of the game have called it home over the years. It's a position that rewards strong arms and allows slower, stronger players to have a place on defense.

Let's go over the 5 best right fielders you can use in MLB The Show 20's Franchise Mode.

Cody Bellinger - 99 OVR

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Cody Bellinger is everything a franchise could want in a right fielder. At just 24 years old, Bellinger is an absolute phenom on the diamond, causing problems when he's at the plate and causing worse problems when he's in the field.

Bellinger's strength lies in his consistency across the board. With great fielding talents including 99 Arm Strength and batting presence with 91 Discipline, Bellinger is a catch all talent that fills any void your franchise might have, defensive or offensive.

Bellinger's youth combined with his durability and potential will lead to a league-leading presence in right field for what could easily be a decade.

Aaron Judge - 95 OVR

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Aaron Judge is an explosive player on both sides of the ball that makes an impact every time he's in the game.

Judge's biggest strengths are in his fielding talents and power on the plate. Judge has 99 Reaction, 99 Arm Accuracy, 97 Arm Strength, and 95 Fielding to help on defense, and 95 Power vs both lefties and righties when batting.

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Judge may have a hard time finding consistent contact and lacks Clutch and Vision, but he more than makes up for it in his powerful highlight reel moments and shutdown level defense.

Christian Yelich - 94 OVR

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Christian Yelich stands out from the pack as one of the most dangerous batters to come out of right field.

Yelich's biggest strength is his incredibly powerful presence at the plate. What Yelich lacks in the field, he more than makes up for with his bat, especially against right handers. Yelich has 99 Contact vs R, 99 Power vs R, and 95 Discipline along with 92 Clutch.

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If you're looking for explosive offense and a rightie destroyer, Christian Yelich is the right fielder for you.

Bryce Harper - 91 OVR

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Bryce Harper also came to his new team last year, but the younger player has many years ahead of him in the league.

Harper's biggest strengths are his incredible 99 Discipline, 97 Durability, and 88 Clutch. These stats make Harper a great long term pickup for your franchise that you can rely on.

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While Harper isn't always the best at finding contact, his consistent fielding and clutch potential are quite strong, easily earning his slot on the list.

Nelson Cruz - 85 OVR

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Nelson Cruz is a name baseball fans have heard for years, but while the 39 year old may be slowing down, he's certainly not done just yet.

Cruz is a consistent powerhouse batter with 99 power vs lefties and 91 power vs righties. He's also able to find contact pretty often.

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In the field, Cruz has a very powerful throw that can catch baserunners off guard, lending a lot of help to his team's defense.

Hunter Renfroe - 83 OVR

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Hunter Renfroe came to the Tampa Bay Rays over the offseason after 4 strong years on the San Diego Padres. At just 28, he has many more league years ahead of him.

Renfroe brings to the table some solid power hitting with 95 Power vs L and 79 Power vs R, but he's a much better fielder overall with 99 Arm Strength, 89 Reaction, and 84 Fielding.

Michael Conforto - 82 OVR

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Michael Conforto has a lot of potential behind him at just 27 years old, and already he has some very promising stats this year. Conforto is entering his sixth year with the New York Mets, where he may play out his entire career.

Conforto has some good Rower vs R at 85, and great Discipline at 95, making him a deceptively dangerous batter. On the fielding end he may not have the highest baseball IQ, but he has enough to get the job done with 79 Arm Accuracy, 69 Arm Strength, and 66 Reaction.

Mitch Haniger - 82 OVR

Mitch Haniger MLB The Show 20 Franchise Mode Diamond Dynasty
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Mitch Haniger begins his fourth year with the Seattle Mariners after playing just 63 games in 2019. But despite his absence, Haniger has proven to be a solid all rounder in the right field.

Haniger has a presence in all points of the game with decent fielding and decent batting. His most stand out stat is his 96 Durability, which goes along well with a style that can be called "old reliable." At 29 he still has time to bring his skillset up to elite levels, but until then, he can reliably fill the role for any franchise more focused elsewhere.

Jason Heyward - 81 OVR

Jason Heyward MLB The Show 20 Franchise Mode Diamond Dynasty
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Jason Heyward is an outfield veteran entering his 11th year in the league.

Heyward is a lockdown defender in the outfield and a decent batter against right handers. While franchises should choose Heyward more for his defensive capabilities with 96 Arm Strength, 83 Reaction, 79 Fielding, and 79 Arm Accuracy, his 72 Contact vs R and 66 Power vs R give him a bit of offensive capability. Just don't expect much against lefties at 44 Power vs L and 45 Contact vs L.

Charlie Blackmon - 80 OVR

Charlie Blackmon MLB The Show 20 Franchise Mode Diamond Dynasty
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Charlie Blackmon is almost the exact opposite of Jason Heyward. Where Heyward excels at his fielding, Blackmon excels at the plate.

For any franchise looking for some offensive fireworks, Blackmon is a great, veteran pickup that can bring runs. Blackmon's biggest strengths are his 99 Clutch, 90 Contact vs R, and 89 Contact vs L.

All the best right fielders (RF) in Franchise Mode, RTTS, & March to October

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