MLB The Show 20: Best Starting Pitchers (SP) in Franchise Mode, RTTS, & March to October - Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer & more

The starting pitcher is the most important defensive player in baseball, and it's where players will spend a majority of their game time.

There are many star pitchers in baseball today, but only the best can make our list.

These are the best starting pitchers in MLB The Show 20's off-line modes, Franchise Mode, Road to the Show, and March to October.

Let's break down why these players beat out the competition.

This year's game features excellent offline game modes. Franchise Mode, March to October, and Road to the Show are all worth your time, and each uses the same roster.

The best starting pitchers (SP) in MLB The Show 20

This article will be focused on the best starting pitchers to use in these offline modes.

We are looking for players that have their primary position as starting pitcher. We don't care if they are lefties or righties on the mound, and we are going for players that have the highest overall possible regardless of age or contract status.

So who are the best starting pitchers in MLB The Show 20? Let's take a look.

Jacob deGrom - 99 OVR

mlb the show 20 jacob degrom
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At just 31 years old, Jacob deGrom is an absolute firework of a talent that you can expect to see at the top level for years to come.

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His biggest strengths are his absolute cannon of an arm reaching 97 MPH for both of his fastballs, and an engine that doesn't stop. With 98 Velocity, 93 Stamina, and 92 K/9, you can put all your faith in deGrom to wear out any batting lineup in the league.

Max Scherzer - 99 OVR

mlb the show 20 max scherzer
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Max Scherzer began pitching in the MLB in 2008, and he's been one of the best in the league ever since.

Scherzer's biggest strengths are his 99 K/9, 93 Stamina, and 91 H/9. He perhaps has the strongest fundamentals in the game, and will always deliver for his team.

Justin Verlander - 96 OVR

mlb the show 20 justin verlander
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Justin Verlander may share an OVR with Clayton Kershaw, but his skill set is much stronger as a starting pitcher.

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Verlander's biggest strengths are his 99 Break, 91 Stamina, and 91 K/9, but he also is very consistent across his pitching skills. He also has an incredibly strong arm for fielding in the rare situations it comes up.

Clayton Kershaw - 96 OVR

mlb the show 20 clayton kershaw
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Clayton Kershaw has been with the LA Dodgers since 2008, and he's matured into an amazing pitcher over those 12 years. The leftie makes up for his lack of explosive power with better stamina and more consistent overall numbers.

Kershaw's weakness is how much of his skill set is absorbed in his fielding, the least important aspect of a pitcher's game. With 95 Stamina, 89 Clutch, and 86 Break, though, Kershaw is still a solid choice for Franchise Mode.

Gerrit Cole - 95 OVR

mlb the show 20 gerrit cole
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The New York Yankees picked up Gerrit Cole this offseason after his dominant time with the Houston Astros. At just 29 years old, we should see some very productive years ahead of the promising pitcher, making him a valuable asset in Franchise Mode.

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Cole has an incredibly strong arm, and it shows with his 99 Velocity and 99 Break. His other strengths include 95 K/9, 90 Stamina, and 88 H/9. Cole's biggest weakness is his 57 HR/9.

Stephen Strasburg - 91 OVR

mlb the show 20 stephen strasburg
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Washington get their second starter on this list in the shape of Stephen Strasburg.

The big righty brings 99 break and 89 stamina to the mound, along with 85 K/9. His five pitch repertoire includes the deadly slider/curveball combo to punch out hitters.

Walker Buehler - 90 OVR

mlb the show 20 walker buehler
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A second Dodger! Compared to others on this list Walker Buehler is a young pup at 25 years old, making him perfect if you want to play Franchise Mode for season after season.

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With 97 velocity, 87 break, and 78 stamina he can overpower hitters but you have to keep an eye on his pitch count. With a 97 mph fastball and 81 mph knuckle curve you can create some huge swing-and-miss strikes.

Zack Greinke - 90 OVR

mlb the show 20 zack greinke
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Houston join the list of teams with a great 1-2 punch thanks to Zack Greinke.

The veteran righty has 90 stamina, 88 BB/9, and 87 break. He is also an excellent defensive player with 95 fielding and 92 arm accuracy.

Chris Sale - 90 OVR

mlb the show 20 chris sale
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Boston's Chris Sale is next in our list of the best starters.

The long lefty is a monster with 99 break, 97 stamina, and 95 control. His 80 mph slider is one of the best strikeout pitches in baseball.

Charlie Morton - 90 OVR

mlb the show 20 charlie morton
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An unexpected addition to this list and the last of the 90+ OVR pitchers is Tampa Bay's Charlie Morton.

The veteran brings 99 break, 86 K/9, and 84 stamina to the mound. He's also got a five-pitch repertoire with a mean 79 mph curveball to generate grounders and strikeouts.

All the best starting pitchers (SP) in Franchise Mode, RTTS, & March to October

Jacob deGrom
New York Mets
Max Scherzer
Washington Nationals
Justin Verlander
Houston Astros
Clayton Kershaw
Los Angeles Dodgers
Gerrit Cole
New York Yankees
Stephen Strasburg
Washington Nationals
Walker Buehler
Los Angeles Dodgers
Zack Greinke
Houston Astros
Chris Sale
Boston Red Sox
Charlie Morton
Tampa Bay Rays
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