Here's Why MLB The Show 21 is Worth Buying

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MLB The Show 21 will be the first major sports game of 2021, and it's set to be the most influential baseball game in nearly a decade.

That's because MLB The Show 21 will be a game of many firsts - including the first to be sold on Xbox consoles, first to include cross-platform multiplayer, and first to be developed for next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

But fans still have one question on their minds.

Is MLB The Show 21 Worth Buying?

Here's why MLB The Show 21 is worth buying for baseball fans.

MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Consoles

MLB The Show has been a PlayStation exclusive series for its entire existence, but that will change with MLB The Show 21.

Is MLB The Show 21 Worth Buying Xbox Crossplay
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TRIUMPH: MLB The Show 21 will be the series debut on Xbox consoles

Xbox One and Xbox Series X will be picking up their first major baseball game in the move, and it will likely mean the biggest MLB The Show community ever.

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Not only will you be able to play MLB The Show 21 on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, you can also play multiplayer with others on both console families.

MLB The Show 21 Xbox One Series X PS5
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ONE DUGOUT: MLB The Show 21 will unite Xbox and PlayStation gamers

This will massively expand competition for online game modes like Diamond Dynasty - and keep the community fresh post-launch.

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MLB The Show 21 already has a number of exciting gameplay features beyond its other firsts.

MLB The Show 21 Gameplay Features Road to the Show Diamond Dynasty March to October
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STEP UP: MLB The Show 21 has some new gameplay features already revealed

This includes a new and improved March to October game mode, the ability to play your ballplayer from Road to the Show in Diamond Dynasty games, and more!

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