MLB The Show 21 is also set to have Next Gen prices

MLB The Show 21 is here with the game going down a hit, and it could even be the top sports release of the year.

Whether you're looking to snag it on next-gen, pre-order a special edition, or take advantage of Xbox Game Pass, we've got all the details on the MLB The Show 21 price so you can make the right decision.

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MLB The Show 21 Standard Edition Price

MLB The Show 21 is available for pre-order now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

MLB The Show 21 price preorder editions
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GRAB IT NOW: MLB The Show 21 is already available for preorder on current and next gen consoles!

As has become the new standard, Next Gen versions will be a bit more expensive, but current gen will be the price you're used to.

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The Standard Edition of MLB The Show 21's price is the following for each console:

  • PS4: $59.99
  • PS5: $69.99
  • Xbox One: $59.99
  • Xbox Series X: $69.99

Xbox Game Pass gives major MLB The Show 21 discount

While Xbox players are welcome to pre order or purchase the Standard Edition of MLB The Show 21 at launch, the real bargain is through Xbox Game Pass.

In a surprising move, MLB The Show 21 will be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers at launch, which means it'll come with the standard $9.99 monthly fee.

That's a significant savings if users were planning to buy it for Xbox One or Xbox Series X, but remember this is only for the Standard Edition, and will not include any of the pre order or deluxe edition bonus rewards.

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Jackie Robinson & Digital Deluxe Editions Price

There had previously been leaks, but it's now been confirmed that MLB The Show 21 will have two different upper tier editions of the game on Next Gen consoles.

Jackie Robinson was the pick to be the cover star of both the Jackie Robinson and Digital Deluxe Edition of MLB The Show 21.

These are technically exclusive to Xbox Series X|S and PS5, but if you purchase those editions they'll come with copies for both Next Gen and Current Gen consoles.

The prices for MLB The Show 21's non-standard editions are as follows:

  • Jackie Robinson Edition for PS4 & PS5: $84.99
  • Jackie Robinson Edition for Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S: $84.99
  • Digital Deluxe Edition for PS4 & PS5: $99.99
  • Digital Deluxe Edition for Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S: $99.99

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Pre Order Now

You can now pre order MLB The Show 21 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

MLB The Show 21 preorder standard edition jackie robinson xbox ps4 ps5
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BATTER UP: Players can guarantee their copy of MLB The Show 21 by preordering now

You'll snag some major benefits to be used in-game if you pre order, and perhaps the biggest bonus is you'll get four days early access if you pre order the Jackie Robinson or Digital Deluxe Edition of MLB The Show 21.

You can find all the information you need to Pre Order here, as well as exact details on rewards and links to pre order for your chosen platform and edition.

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