Valorant: Best Weapons – Vandal, Shorty, Operator & Price

Valorant is looking like the next big competitive FPS. Read here to find out which guns are best for you!

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Valorant’s Closed Beta has arrived on PC!

The game hit over 1.5 million concurrent viewers at one time, making it one of the most-watched betas of all time.

Due to Valorant’s core gameplay coming from a combination of multiple games, such as CS:GO and Overwatch, it is expected to be a big hit with several gaming communities.

If you’re used to CS:GO’s ‘buy’ mechanic, you’ll feel right at home with Valorant.

Effectively, each kill gains you an amount of cash which you can use to buy better guns and equipment.

Here, we’ll go over the best guns to buy and how each one plays.


At 2,900 credits, the Vandal is the best ‘all-round’ gun to get.

valorant Luxury Bundle 2
CUSTOMISATION – Buy the outstanding skins from the store using the currency in-game!

With a decent damage output and simple recoil, you’ll do well to pick this up ASAP. This is comparable to the M4 from CS:GO.

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With a moderately low fire rate and high damage, you’ll only need to land a few bullets to secure a kill.


The Phantom is another 2,900-credit rifle that is more suitable for close to medium ranges.

Valorant phantom weapon
STEALTH IS YOUR FRIEND – Use suppressed weapons to take out enemy’s quickly and with precision!

This gun is closer to an SMG than an assault rifle, with massive damage drop off. You’ll need to close the gap using your abilities to make the most out of this gun.

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An alternative to this is the Spectre SMG, another great gun with close-quarters precision.


Finally, the Operator is the go-to sniper in Valorant. Comparable to the AWP in CS:GO.

valorant operator sniper
PRECISION IS KEY – The Operator can turn the tide of a fight with some precision shooting!

This will one shot from any distance, on any body part (excluding the legs) making it a lethal weapon in the right hands.

Unfortunately, this will set you back 4,500 credits which is a big risk but shouldn’t break the bank.

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To be 100% accurate, you need to be standing still. This puts you in a vulnerable position but can pay off if you’re confident in you’re aim.

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