Valorant: All the Characters - New Agent Raze, Gameplay, Abilities, Weapons, Agents & more

Seeing as Valorant is set up to be a 5v5 tactical shooter, one would assume that 10 characters would have been revealed, right?


Until recently, we'd only heard about 9 of the characters, but now we have all 10 of them confirmed.

Still interested? Continue reading for everything we know about the characters.


So, who exactly are the characters in Valorant?

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SOVA: This character tracks, finds, and eliminates enemies with ruthless efficiency and precision. 

Well, Riot is aiming to have at least 10 characters ready for Valorant’s launch.

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We only have 9 for now, and though we haven’t seen or played with them, we have a brief overview of them.

  • Cypher – A defensive beast who can lay trip mines and stick a camera to a wall to watch for flanking opposition.
  • Jett – Can leap into the air and throw knives for quick, surprise kills.
  • Viper – Can unleash poison clouds that blind enemies or zone them into a deadly ambush.
  • Sova – Fires magic arrows that penetrate walls and can travel clear across the map.
  • Phoenix – Can curve flashbangs around corners.
  • Brimstone – Calls in orbital bombardments that help friends and obliterate enemies.
  • Sage – Valorant’s resident medic can heal or revive allies.
  • Omen – A shifty rogue who can get behind enemy lines or temporarily blind them.
  • Breach – A seismic force that disorients enemies and ignores the boundaries of walls.

New Character: Raze

Raze is most people’s go-to agent, and it’s easy to see why.

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DOMINANCE: Raze is allegedly the only overpowered agent in the game

Raze is equipped with a Boom Bot for intel, a Blast Pack to give her a vertical advantage, and up to two sets of cluster grenades which have a devastating radius.

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Even her Ultimate Ability can prove lethal at both short and long-range, making her the most overpowered agent in the game.

Check out some gameplay segments we found from the most recent trailer.

Gameplay Segments

We wish we had segments for all of the characters, but you are going to have to settle for 4.


Viper possesses the same smoke and wall capabilities as other agents, but also a 'decaying' effect that damages those walking through her noxious area.

In order to balance this out, she can also use her abilities for as long as she has fuel, which recharges gradually throughout the match.


Sage is a full-on support role and the game's only healer, being able to heal herself and nurse teammates up to full health.

Sage has the ability to erupt an ice wall that blocks both sight and movement and creates a slowing ice field to disrupt flanking routes.

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Her ultimate lets her fully revive a teammate.


Sova is a recon specialist, so his signature ability is fittingly the Recon Dart - an arrow that can spot enemies within its line-of-sight.

Along with his remote-piloted owl drone, he's great for gathering information early in the round and giving the team an advantage.


Jett is the master of mobility.

Her wind-powered movement abilities allow her to boost up to high ground positions and dash quickly into cover.

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She can also toss three smoke grenades that she can curve in mid-air.

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