Valorant: Closed Beta - How Do I Get Access? Key, Download, Location, Twitch & Best Way to Play

We have a brand-new game from the creators of League of Legends!

This is expected to be the competitor to Valve’s CS:GO and a few other games, due to the mechanics and gameplay of Valorant.

This includes games like Overwatch and Rainbow 6, due to the ‘Ultimate’ abilities and shooting mechanics.

Valorant will only be available on PC for now, through a Riot Games Launcher. We may see a console release at a later date.

How to get a Key

To begin with, you will need a PC, as the game isn’t currently available on console.

valorant how to get a kill
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UNIQUE ABILITIES - Use your character's abilities to gain an advantage against your enemy!

Next, you’ll need to link a current or new Riot Games account to your Twitch account. This will make sure Riot can see you are interested in taking part in the closed beta.

All you can do now is watch a streamer with the tag ‘Drops
Enabled’. This will allow you to receive a code for the beta by email.

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Finally, once you have a code, you’ll need to log in to your Riot account and input the code to start playing the game.


You can preload the launcher for the game, even if you don’t
have full access to the game.

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TEAM PLAY - Abilities can be paired with other character's to execute some insane plays!

Once you do have access, you’ll need to follow the link sent
by email to the download page, where you’ll confirm your account and start the

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The download is roughly 8GB so shouldn’t take too long to

Best Way to Play

Similar to most competitive games, it’s much better to play with friends.

VALORANT best way to play
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PINPOINT ACCURACY - If you're confident in your aim, you'll have a lot of fun playing Valorant!

I would recommend you wait for a few of your friends to get access as well, to get the full Valorant experience.

Playing with Randoms can be frustrating, so don’t base your
opinion of the game on that experience.

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For more information on Valorant, click here.

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