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UFL is still in the works as it aims to bring more competition into the football-gaming sphere, attempting to topple EA's FIFA franchise dominance.

Currently, in development by the new company Strikerz Inc., they want to set their title apart from FIFA by being free to play, like Konami's eFootball.

They equate this with being fair to play and will ensure it is not pay-to-win, opting not to include infamous loot boxes.

LATEST - Alpha Gameplay Showcased

Brand new UFL gameplay has dropped, showcasing the game in all its glory.

The gameplay showcases near enough a full game of UFL, with stadia, commentary and player movements all coming along nicely.

Recently, we have received more and more news regarding UFL and this most recent update has been the biggest we've seen so far, with the game edging closer towards release.

The release of UFL gameplay has certainly got the football community talking as well, with many wondering what this will all mean for the future of football gaming.

Release Date

There is no official release date just yet, with UFL now set for a 2023 release. A statement on the UFL website reads as follows:

UFL is an exceptionally complex project, featuring a wide range of football mechanics and techniques, as well as dynamic animations, world-class play styles, and so much more. Strikerz Inc. cares most of all about meeting our players’ expectations and wants to make sure our team has enough time to make UFL everything it should be. In order to make the best game possible,
the release will be pushed to 2023.

With no news on the game on the site since September, we are eagerly anticipating their next announcement.


UFL will release on "all major gaming consoles" according to the developers, which was further clarified in a Tweet that said:

With regards to the platforms, we're primarily focused on bringing UFL to @PlayStation and @Xbox but PC is also a platform that we're closely considering

Inclusion on the PC is a regularly occurring question, so if the launch proves successful the game will no doubt become available on it.

For now, it looks like the release will just be on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PS5.


UFL has revealed some brand-new gameplay for the very first time, giving a behind-the-scenes look into all of the hard work that has been sunk into the game so far.

It wasn't just gameplay on display, with a certain Cristiano Ronaldo also being confirmed as an ambassador for the game.

CR7 Arrives

As part of the gameplay reveal, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was revealed as the fifth official ambassador of the game.

The Manchester United forward's move to UFL comes as a shock to many as his previous and current employers are both linked with Konami's eFootball.

ufl ambassadors
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FRONT LINE - UFL has pulled in some top quality stars

A brief cameo from the man himself in the gameplay reveal introduces the trailer, and we loved it.

We can't wait to see more from UFL, and to see more contributions from arguably their biggest ambassador.

Skill Moves Showcased

As time goes on, we're getting a better look at UFL's gameplay, with the developers recently taking to social media to share their processes.

Skill moves are the most recent element of the game to be showcased, with a focus on refining player movement through authentic animations.

Goalkeepers Showcased

UFL has released the second episode of their 'Insider' series, where new gameplay elements are showcased by the developers.

Goalkeepers are the main focus of episode two, with new gameplay showcased to reveal just how far the game has come.

Reveal Trailer

It doesn't include any gameplay, but the cinematic trailer reveal for UFL looks absolutely stunning.

The lighting looks fantastic, and if playing the game showcases these touches it would have an edge over FIFA.

It is powered by Unreal Engine, which we have seen used in many other games including Fortnite and Gears of War.

Something also made clear from the trailer is Strikerz mantra of "Fair to Play", leaning entirely on a skill-based game as opposed to being pay-to-win.


The first player to appear as an ambassador for the game was Manchester City left-back Oleksandr Zinchenko.

With this reveal, we also got in-game footage of the player, and despite it being a work in progress, we think it looks pretty great!

Next up was Liverpool's centre-forward Robert Firmino, who received the same in-game footage player head showcase.

The third ambassador was from another Premier League heavyweight club, with Chelsea's Romelu Lukaku revealed.

For him, we got a different in-game introduction, which showcases a bit more of the player movement and how that could look for future gameplay.

Lukaku was soon followed up by another Manchester City player, as Kevin De Bruyne joins clubmate Oleksandr Zinchenko as an ambassador.

There is also another peek at some in-game footage, with Strikerz keeping up the cinematic feel of the game with their latest showing.


One aspect that could ruin the game before it's even released is how real to life it will feel, with a main part of this being gained through licences so users can control real-life players and teams.

Thankfully, Strikerz Inc. has teamed up with FIFPRO, the world's biggest representative organization for 65,000 professional footballers - the same organization that EA use for FIFA.

Two players approach the ball in UFL
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FAIR TO PLAY - A fresh experience for gamers tired of the pay-to-win model

Another edge they could have over the competition is their partnership with InStat, a leader in sports performance analysis, which can give updated statistics for each player.

Unsurprisingly, West Ham was revealed as an official partner of the game, with kits and badges being available in-game.

As the team used in the trailer, it was only a matter of time before this was confirmed.

Other sides to have aligned themselves with UFL are Shakhtar Donetsk, Borussia Monchengladbach, Monaco, Besiktas, Celtic, Rangers, and Hashtag United, although a question mark now surrounds the Scottish clubs.

Licenses lost?

Celtic’s Glasgow rivals announced a deal with EA which will see Ibrox be included in FIFA 23.

There’s no such announcement from Celtic, as of yet.

Many put it down to Celtic being a partner of both eFootball and UFL, two rival games of the FIFA franchise.

Both Celtic and Rangers were previously listed as partners of the UFL game, but have mysteriously disappeared from their website.

Whether this is just a coincidence remains to be seen, but it could point to the license having been lost from the game for an unknown reason.

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