UFL adds Roberto Firmino as major Ambassador

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UFL was announced back at Gamescom 2021 but very little has been revealed since. Last month, they announced their first Game Ambassador which ended up being Manchester City star Oleksandr Zinchecko.

Since then, they have announced a Fair to Play initiative which will attempt to combat the monetization of games like FIFA. Once again, few details exist to expand upon their promises ut we hope to learn more soon.


Firmino becomes UFL Game Ambassador

We're not sure whether this was a well-timed announcement or a stroke of luck, but off the back of his hat-trick against Watford on 16 October, UFL has now announced that Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino is one of their Game Ambassadors.

The tweet with the announcement also showed off his in-game model which is incredibly impressive. Firmino joins Zinchenko as the only Game Ambassadors that are currently revealed. There is no news on whether or not the Liverpool and Manchester City licenses are coming to the game as well.


Major Club Partnership

One club that knows will have their club badge and kits included in the game as West Ham United. Back on 6 October, the announcement was made that United have partnered with UFL to bring their iconic claret and blue kits and club badge to the game.

In the announcement, the wording suggests that they will be in-game items rather than the whole club being available to play with. Given that early signs suggest UFL is an online-only game, it's possible that you have to create your own online club to play with rather than having any kind of solo career mode.


We won't know the specifics until more is revealed as very little has been disclosed since the game's initial reveal at Gamescom 2021 in August. When we have more details we'll be sure to bring them to you.